When measured by earned media value, Zara, Nike and H&M are tops, according to Tribe Dynamics’ inaugural issue of Fashion La Mode.

The social media analytics firm used its prescribed metric of earned media value or EMV to rank non-luxury fashion apparel brands. In the analysis, Tribe Dynamics assigns a specific dollar amount to each piece of content and then adds it up for each brand to determine the estimated value of publicity “gained through digital earned media and its respective engagement levels.”

In short, that means putting a dollar amount on the value of a brand’s social word-of-mouth marketing efforts.

Number-one Zara’s EMV totaled $110.8 million, which reflects a 533 percent growth rate over the prior year’s values. Nike was second with $102.3 million — a 132 percent gain year-over-year, while H&M came in third with $87.9 million, a 359 percent gain. Fourth was Topshop with $72.1 million, which was followed by Forever 21 with $64.3 million.

The authors of the report said to “better compare the levels of mass- versus high-fashion natured language that surround an individual brand, we tracked the occurrences of specific hashtags frequently used by fashion bloggers.”

They said the hashtags analyzed included: #liketkit, Like To Know It; and #ootd, Outfit of the Day, “which entail a more commercial nature, in comparison with the high-fashion, Fashion-Week associated hashtags such as #nyfw (New York Fashion Week), #lfw (London), #mfw (Milan) and #pfw (Paris).”

“Though it is possible, and often likely, for an influencer to tag a photo with multiple hashtags at once, each individual hashtag still holds distinct implications,” the researchers added.

Regarding Zara’s strong showing, the researchers said the brand’s unofficial Instagram fan page,  “zara__europe,” drove $4.6 million in EMV for the brand during the first quarter, which accounts for 4.2 percent of the Zara’s total EMV.

“This organic support stems from the long-standing strength of the brand’s marketing, products, and distinct identity,” Tribe Dynamics said. “Influencers ranging from aspiring bloggers to fashion insiders rely on Zara pieces as daily staples, incorporating them into their wardrobes and lives.”

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