NEW YORK — Nike Inc. has narrowed its search for a site to house its first Nike Town store in Manhattan to four locations, according to Larry Hohl, vice president of retail.

Although Hohl would not reveal the sites, real estate sources say Nike has been focusing on the 57th Street area, around Fifth and Madison Avenues.

According to Hohl, some of the locations are still occupied.

One site reportedly under consideration is the IBM gallery at 57th Street and Madison.

One site Nike apparently will not get is the Bergdorf Goodman Men’s store on Fifth Avenue, between 58th and 57th Streets. Nike approached Bergdorf’s, but was rebuffed.

Reports about Nike and BG Men’s spread Thursday when New York magazine issued a release saying that its Intelligencer column in the Feb. 28 issue will include an item about Nike and the BG Men’s site.

Burt Tansky, Bergdorf’s chairman and chief executive officer, acknowledged to WWD that Nike approached BG Men’s and said, “We turned them down flat. The men’s store is doing terrific.”

He said there are no plans to shut it down.

“We’re considering a couple of sites at this time, but that’s not one of them,” said Hohl, adding that it’s possible a real estate broker working in Nike’s behalf may have approached BG.

“We haven’t signed any leases. We’re rumored to be going into spaces almost on a weekly basis. It’s typically true 5 percent of the time. A prominent space opens up, Nike must be mentioned in the same conversation and the next thing you know we’re moving in there even though we’ve never even talked to the people.” Nike Town has four stores, one each in Chicago; Atlanta; Costa Mesa, Calif., and Portland, Ore.

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