DALLAS — Neiman Marcus is putting more marketing clout behind Giorgio Armani, and the first step is a 38-page catalog of the designer’s spring collection that is being mailed today to 400,000 customers.

The book features women’s and men’s clothing from Le Collezioni, Mani and A/X Armani Exchange as well as sunglasses, hosiery and shoes. All of the women’s Le Collezioni apparel and 70 percent of the men’s Mani and Le Collezioni clothing is exclusive to Neiman’s and available in all of its 27 stores.

“The message we are giving with the book is that if you want to buy Giorgio Armani merchandise, the headquarters is Neiman Marcus,” said Terry Lundgren, chairman and chief executive officer.

Neiman’s has hiked its Armani spring buy 30 percent, said Lundgren. He would not comment on what volume the chain does with Armani, but sources estimate the business exceeds $35 million annually.