NEW YORK — Hoping to break away from the pack in mass market natural beauty, Noah’s Naturals is shedding its green and amber packaging for an upscale floral motif.

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“We blended in [with other the brands] with the old packaging,” says Noah’s Naturals founder Noah Bremen. “In my mind, the new packaging cuts through the clutter. The purple and gold pop out and let the consumer know this isn’t a me-too product.”

Noah’s Naturals debuted in 2007 and reached distribution of 2,500 Wal-Mart stores by the end of 2009. The firm hopes the higher-end new look coupled with several product debuts will help expand the line to other mass market doors en route to 7,000 units by the end of the first quarter and 17,000 doors by the end of 2010.

In addition to offering a mass “luxe-eco” look, Noah’s Naturals is firmly positioning its items in the antiaging segment of beauty and skin care. “This new packaging has the look and feel of a luxury product but is available at an accessible price points, which makes it appealing to any consumer who is looking for a high-quality, beautifully packaged product to help fight the signs of aging,” Bremen added. All products fall under the Natural Age Repair umbrella, which is prominently displayed on the packaging. “We believe that all women are concerned with looking and feeling younger,” added Roseann Fernandez, senior brand manager, Noah’s Naturals, and a major force behind the fresh look.

Also, Noah’s Naturals is venturing into the realm of ingestible beauty items, a concept still in its infancy in mass doors. Dubbed “Beauty from the Inside Out,” the first of Noah’s Naturals beauty supplements is an antiaging elixir. The Noah’s Naturals Anti-Aging Beauty Elixir is a daily powder drink that nourishes and hydrates skin with all-natural beautifying ingredients.

The formula features an antiwrinkle ingredient called collactive, plus antioxidant-packed superfruits including acai berry and goji berry and the powerful phyto-nutrients pomegranate and blueberry. The elixir has no added sugar and totals only 30 calories. Additionally, it provides 100 percent of the recommended daily serving of vitamin A, 300 percent of the recommended daily serving of vitamin C and 200 percent of the recommend daily serving of vitamin E. The suggested retail price is $19.99 for a 14-day supply and $29.99 for a 30-day supply.

The concept of using supplements to enhance skin has met with mixed reviews at mass marketers. Olay discontinued its vitamins; Borba has made a name for itself with its items. Bremen believes his firm can succeed via education to consumers on the importance of taking care of beauty from the inside out. The firm will launch a multimillion-dollar advertising campaign to teach women about the new items and drive shoppers to stores. “We really think it all has to do with education and that’s why we are launching the campaign. We break down why beauty really does work from the inside out,” Bremen said. In addition to national and cable television, there will be a print campaign launched in the second half of the year.

Also new is Noah’s Naturals Natural Age Repair Three-Step System which is infused with acai berry extract, a Brazilian superfruit that’s packed with antioxidants, essential fatty acids and amino acids to provide antiaging benefits. All products in the line contain the exclusive Acai Complex, a revitalizing blend of vitamins and antioxidants that help stimulate healthy cell function and protect skin from the harmful effects of free radicals.

A slight departure for Noah’s is venturing into bronzers. Under the Natural Age Repair umbrella, the company is introducing Glowing Bronzer Fluid and Firming Bronzing Cream. This marks Noah’s Naturals’ first foray into natural face and body bronzers. In addition to delivering an all-over glow, these new releases from Noah’s Naturals do double duty, delivering a healthy dose of color while simultaneously helping to prevent and repair the signs of aging. With the addition of these items, Noah’s has 22 stockkeeping units.

Retailers hope the slowly improving economy will bode well for naturals. Research from WSL Strategic Retail shows that going green has shown its sustainability through a rough economic cycle. The firm reports that consumer interest in purchasing eco-friendly has increased even during the era marked by financial strain. While some chains have pulled back from plans for major natural sets, most are making sure they have at least one or two natural choices integrated into the conventional assortment. And some chains are duplicating the natural presentation in an eco-planogram and with traditional sku’s.

Bremen said consumers want quality and value when it comes to natural. “The bottom line is that if you have a product that is natural, beautiful and effective, people will become loyal to it,” he said.

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