MILAN L’Oréal’s Nyx is launching a #Nyxinvasion in Italy. The digital campaign accompanies the arrival of the Californian cosmetics firm in Italy with the opening of two monobrand stores in Milan, to be followed by further retail expansion next year.

The first store, located in Galleria Passarella, in close range to main shopping street Corso Vittorio Emanuele, opened its doors on Friday, with more than 500 fans eagerly waiting since dawn to gain access and snatch one of the free, pink lip-shaped pochettes, filled with the firm’s products.

“It’s a way of giving them a particular gift to discover the store,” said Valeria Dehò, communication manager of Nyx Italy, adding that fans will be able to meet with local beauty bloggers over the course of three days, and the opening of the second store in is slated for the following week.

Currently, the heavily digital store features tutorials from American beauty bloggers next to its products, but wants to Italianize this section in the future, also because the local beauty preferences differentiate to the U.S. customer.

“We are proud of our Californian roots, but we really need to be more local in our approach,” Dehò noted and added that the firm’s strong looks and colors need to be adapted to the Italian market, because the customers are not ready yet to play with make up as extensively as the U.S. customer. “We are like a bridge between the crazy American colors and the very natural Italian looks,” she said.

Local beauty bloggers, such as Mr. Daniel, a YouTube makeup artist with about 159,000 followers, will play a big part in this adaptation and produce tutorials for upcoming new products, which will be featured in the store. “Twenty-five percent of our product range changes every year, so we need them to create the content to present it to the public,” Dehò noted.

In 2016, Nyx is planning to launch its e-commerce store in February and wants to increase its retail presence. “We are focused on opening new stores all over Italy, not only Milan, but also Rome and the south of Italy,” she said, adding that, particularly, the south is on the agenda. “We know that the people really ask for Nyx, because they want a special look and they prefer our strong colors,” Dehò noted.

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