The O Alliance is holding a second “Connected Conversation” forum on April 30 aimed at convening industry executives, leaders and stakeholders for dinner and networking as well as the organizer’s signature “intimate conversation” with companies that are making a mark at retail.

This year’s panelists include: Deena Bahri, chief marketing officer of Birchbox; Carbon38’s Katie Warner Johnson, chief executive officer and co-founder, and Caroline Gogolak, president and co-founder; Claire Chambers, founder and ceo of Journelle; and Sarah LaFleur, founder and ceo of MM.LaFleur. The session will be moderated by Andrea Weiss, founder of The O Alliance.

In a statement, Weiss described speakers of the event as “re-inventors” of retail. “To succeed in today’s changing landscape, traditional retailers and brands must look to these innovative companies as examples of how to adapt to a consumer-centric model,” Weiss said.

The event is invitation only. For more information call Joy Murphy of Berns Communications Group at 212-994-4660.