Zadig & Voltaire is now known as Zadig & Voltaire Paris. The rand has always been associated with the City of Light since it is based there, but now it’s official.

“It’s always Paris,” said the company. “Paris is the source of inspiration for artistic director Cecilia Bonstrom.”

The brand recently moved into new headquarters in Paris in the 16 arrondissement. The offices, which are in a building designed by Hausmannien, have a view of the Eiffel Tower and enough space for the entire company.

The last part of the brand’s name comes from the 18th-century writer and Enlightenment philosopher Voltaire. “Zadig,” which he wrote in 1749, is said to be an allegorical biography where the title character is a free spirit who experiences a continuous loop of successes and disappointments.

In addition to the new name, Zadig & Voltaire Paris heralds a new advertising direction and digital platform with an integrated photo studio, showrooms featuring the men’s and women’s collections as well as the brand’s licensees for watches, fragrance, eyewear, children’s wear and jewelry.

Zadig & Voltaire’s upcoming fall ad campaign features Malgosia Bela photographed in a Parisian-inspired apartment accessorized with stuffed animals and colorful balloons.

The fall collection combines strong prints and a vibrant autumnal color palette infused with the brand’s rocker aesthetic. The company said the clothes play a tune “Parisian women have mastered better than anyone…preternaturally cool, feminine, nonchalant and never too calculated.”

There are 315 Zadig & Voltaire stores in 40 countries, including four units in Manhattan. Despite the fact that the brand is 20 years old, it said it “affirms a corporate attitude that is forever young and urban.”