The holidays have arrived early at Pinterest.

More than 100 million active Pinners worldwide have taken to the discovery platform to start planning their holiday shopping and pinning their favorite products.

The platform is widely considered a destination where people come to get inspiration for a future event, whether it’s planning a party, decorating a home or getting a head start on the overwhelming process of holiday gift shopping.

“One of the biggest misconceptions — and this is probably partly our own fault — is that people think that we’re a social network, and were not,” said Tim Kendall, general manager at Pinterest, at WWD’s CEO Summit last month. “People do not go to Pinterest to share what they’re doing with friends or family. It’s a destination for individuals planning for [the] future.”

Already, two million people have pinned about Black Friday and Cyber Monday and 17.7 million holiday gift pins are live on Pinterest.

“It’s not about the past or even about the moment, and that’s principally what social networks are about: what you did last night or what your friend did last weekend,” Kendall said. “[Pinterest’s] really like a magazine or catalog of ideas that we’re hand-crafting every day for you based on what we know about you.”

While activity markedly ramps up around Black Friday, many pinners start their holiday pinning in August. Pinning activity is expected to increase about 140 percent around Black Friday with Pinners expected to buy more during the holidays than the average shopper. This customer will spend, on average, four times more on toys and games, three times more on housewares and apparel and accessories and 2.2 times more on electronics. Pinners are 50 percent more likely than the average online shopper to spend more at specialty stores and local businesses.

The platform created a top ten list of items it expects Pinners to be buying this holiday season, based on the most-pinned products this year. A “new wave water bottle” came in first place, followed up by solar chargers for smartphones and lace-up boots. Rounding out the top ten are glow-in-the-dark leggings, asymmetric coats, artful gemstones, a travel bag, stylish swaddle blankets, graphic tees and tops and tapestries to transform one’s bedroom.

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