Instagram posts from Nyden

Nyden, the nascent H&M-backed brand that has harnessed the power of social media, is poised to scale.

The start-up will make its way to its parent’s platform,, while continuing to operate its own e-commerce site. A spokeswoman for H&M said Nyden will maintain its distinctive, edgy image on the H&M e-commerce site and will continue to produce its own original advertising and marketing imagery.

“Nyden is a smaller start-up within the H&M group where we have tested several ideas. It’s been well-received and we’ve made good findings in the areas we tested,” said an H&M spokeswoman. “Because of this, we’re taking Nyden one step further and moving the project to the H&M platform under the Nyden name.

“Nyden will continue to be sold on It will keep its name, and for now, will be sold uniquely on, not in stores,” the spokeswoman said. “They’ll continue to produce their own campaigns and content, and will maintain their own look and feel. It will remain separate from the H&M collection, but sold on our vertical. The start-up project will have greater potential on a larger platform. They’ll continue to explore their co-creator designs.”

The label says it’s not a traditional fashion brand. Instead of one designer calling all the shots, Nyden collaborates with influencers who contribute to the design process. The brand eschews the fashion industry’s prescribed seasons, opting instead for a series of relevant drops and events.

Nyden’s cofounder, Christopher Skogfeldt shared his disdain for the “fashion establishment” last year with WWD, saying, “We don’t work with anything that’s related to the traditional fashion industry. We’re purely going for inspiration and what the customer wants. We’re asking influencers to help us with the design and to show that the power in fashion and power in design is not in the hands of designers in Paris; it’s in the hands of the people.”

The digital native brand has featured high-profile co-creators such as pop star Dua Lipa, who has more than 14 million followers, and Justine Skye, a singer and songwriter with more than 1.3 million followers, chosen because they symbolize the brand. Nyden has also taken a new direction that taps the followers of Instagram stars, which it calls tribes.

Nyden surveyed influencers’ followers via Instagram Story polls, taking a crowdsourcing type of approach to design. The brand asked followers what their ideal dress would look like, and followed up with a series of questions with options for answers, such as “Do you prefer a dress with sleeves or a sleeveless design?” “Do you like neutrals or bold patterns?” With the results, Nyden designed and sold two dresses based on what respondents said they are looking for.

The collection features items such as a fringe sweater, $120; cropped fitted jean jacket with silver metal studs in a graphic pattern, $170, and matching wide-leg jeans with silver metal studs along the leg, $150; snake-print leather jacket, $550; white leather biker jacket with long fringe on the back yoke and arm sleeves, $500, and the Humble Arrogance jacket, a black biker model with a square metal spike-studded back, $550.

H&M saw in Nyden an opportunity to learn from a deft digital brand and potentially adopt some of the innovations to its own business. The Swedish fast-fashion giant, which has been struggling to restructure its business to better compete in the digital age, including rebuilding its logistics systems to facilitate faster deliveries, said in November that it will shutter its Cheap Monday brand in June.