Rackery has the answer for how to find the best-fitting apparel, regardless of one’s size or shape.

The company uses a proprietary search engine to help consumers find apparel from brands that fit them best based on its “PhotoFit” technology. A team of fit experts and Ph.D.s developed advanced algorithms used to determine body measurements based on photos uploaded by a user. The measurements are then compared against a database of brands for recommendations on the best-fitting brands.

Users need to provide their height and weight, along with two “selfies.” Using the Rackery app, they are given instructions on how far to stand away from the camera. The only catch is that the uploaded photo has to include a standard object, such as a dollar bill or a standardized sheet of paper.

According to Raghu Murali, who founded Rackery last year, using a standard object with known measurements helps to determine the proportions between the object and the individual in the selfie. “There’s a geometric correlation that the algorithms can determine. We can determine how the human body changes at different points as the height changes,” Murali said.

The company works with over 100 brands to get measurements of actual apparel products that are inputted into its database, and it follows up with the brands to find out what fit changes might be made to the products each season.

The company is in the process of securing seed stage funding.

Rackery isn’t the first to try to help consumers ditch the measuring tape, or even the fitting room, although it is the first to determine body measurements from just photos.

Fashion technology start-up Clothes Horse Inc., which generated size recommendations based on body type and the brands a user preferred, was acquired in December 2014 by Fits.me Holdings Ltd. Fits.me in turn was acquired in July 2015 by Rakuten. And Body Labs — although somewhat different, but still in the fit world — can create true-to-life 3-D body models where motion can be added to see how fabrics move when worn. Body Labs is now moving into the business of customized apparel.

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