Polo Ralph Lauren

In PMX’s latest online luxury brands trend report, Ralph Lauren took the top spot in online market share with 19.2 percent followed by Michael Kors at 18.5 percent.

Ralph Lauren had top online market share among luxury brands, accounting for roughly one in five visits to the category,” the researchers noted.

The metrics used to compile the report — which is in its seventh year — include social media interactions, web site visits and brand searches. “Michael Kors is nearly as popular a web site as Ralph Lauren,” the report stated. “As in past years, a surge in holiday traffic made it the most-visited luxury brand during that season.”

Coach took third place with 12 percent market share, and was followed by Louis Vuitton with 9.5 percent and Gucci with 5.3 percent. Some of the findings of the report included that the top 10 luxury brands “account for nearly 80 percent of the total luxury market share,” the report noted. And driving that are women shoppers.

The researchers said “nearly every female age segment from Millennials to Baby Boomers over-indexes for luxury brands.” This compares to the largest concentration of males engaging with luxury brands online ranging from 34 to 44 years old. Regarding how they get to a brand’s site, mobile is king. The report noted that 52 percent of all traffic comes from a smartphone or tablet. And 46 percent of the traffic is generated from a search while Google is the top referrer at 48 percent.

Other findings include that about 40 percent of visitors who leave “a luxury brand site keep shopping by going to another retail site.” The role of social media is also important as it drives 6.3 percent of website traffic. PMX said that year-over-year growth of luxury brand social media followers was 40 percent.

The Top 10 Online Market Share by Brand

Rank:     Brand:      % Market share:

  1. Ralph Lauren      19.2
  2. Michael Kors       18.5
  3. Coach                    12.0
  4. Louis Vuitton       9.5
  5. Gucci                     5.3
  6. Chanel                   4.2
  7. Burberry               4.1
  8. Hermès                 2.1
  9. Louboutin            1.8
  10. Versace                 1.7