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Reformation, an L.A.-based sustainable clothing brand, said today that it opened its third New York City store on Bond Street. The store is Reformation’s “first tech-enabled store” in New York and is the eighth permanent retail location for the brand.

The store will feature touch screens that send apparel directly to dressing rooms; digital fitting room “attendees” for ordering additional styles or sizes; “magic wardrobes,” or two-way doors, that allow for product fulfillment without leaving fitting rooms; phone plug-ins for charging or listening to music and customizable lighting, which includes themes such as “Cool” and “Golden” as well as “Sexy Time.”

Reformation’s new Bond Street location. Photograph courtesy of Reformation. 

Its Bond Street location is the largest of all the company’s stores in the U.S. at 3,500-square-feet, and offers 12 dressing rooms. Reformation opened its first tech store earlier this year in San Francisco. Following its success, the company opened two more tech stores in Los Angeles and another in Dallas.

As the vertically integrated brand is a pioneer in sustainability initiatives, all of Reformation’s bricks-and-mortar stores are constructed with low VOC paints and eco-lighting. And its reusable totes and hangers are made from recycled materials, according to the brand.

Yael Aflalo, the founder of Reformation, looked forward to bringing the new “tech store concept to New York, since that’s like our second home. We’ve had stores there since 2010, but this is definitely something different, something new. I hope people will be into it.”

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