Where she shops: “Carol Ferrell, S. Collier, Brad Ritz, Brad Hughes, Sam Alexander & Associates, Kathy Kincannon (Yansi Fugel), Nat Ekelman’s room (GeNe), Navia Plott, D. Reeves & Co., Summer Pailet, Gavin Smith, Carol Quist and Traub Co.”

Secret finds at the International Apparel Mart in Dallas: “It wouldn’t be a secret if I told you! My last one was a leather jacket with a flag on the back, but I’m not telling where I got it — someplace on two.”

Tried-and-true lines: “Virani, Lafayette 148 and Yansi Fugel.”

Current bestsellers: “Those three above are still my current bestsellers. A particular item that’s doing well right now is a denim jacket with fur trim.”

Favorite showrooms: “I like to go to Butch Plott’s because I like his Southern fried chicken, mashed potatoes and gravy and green beans. I’m a food junkie!”

Biggest challenge at the Dallas Mart: “My biggest challenge is dealing with fit. Fit is probably my number-one concern. When you find a new line, it’s very hard to determine if it’s going to be the right fit for my customer. We’ve gotten so tight in our look of tops and T-shirts and sweaters. My customer wants it fitted, but she doesn’t want it skintight.

“Also, do you want to know what I couldn’t find? I’ve been in search of the right denim jacket that is priced just above the Gap, but not $200, that’s the right shape and not too big and not too little. I have been in search of it for several markets. I finally found it, and it was a fluke that I did. It’s made by Vanilia from Doug Chambers’ showroom.”

January market agenda: “I’ll be looking for ‘items’ and jewelry. And I’m always looking for a good sweater.”