RetailMeNot Inc., the digital offers consumer Web site, has now expanded into Italy and Spain with the and sites.

The Austin-Texas based company also operates in the United Kingdom.

With this most recent launch, the company now has a consumer presence in U.S., Canada, the U.K., France, Germany and the Netherlands as well as Italy and Spain. The company said its goal continues to be “to provide savings-minded consumers with great deals and offers for their favorite places to shop.”

Cotter Cunningham, founder and chief executive officer of RetailMeNot, said this latest expansion follows “successful operations in numerous international markets, which vary in size and maturity, as well as our new unified European platform, will allow us to leverage technological synergies and best practices as we enter new markets.”

Currently, RetailMeNot partners with about 70,000 brands and retailers, and its global network “counted over 718 million visitors in 2015 and facilitated almost $5 billion in retail sales for its partners over the same period.”

The new sites will be run from the RetailMeNot’s headquarters for continental Europe, which is in Amsterdam. Mike Lester, vice president and general manager of new markets, heads that office.

Its retail partners and brands include Sephora, Michael Kors, Macy’s, H&M, Victoria’s Secret and The Gap, among others. The company said it is leveraging a “newly developed technology platform,” which makes expansion into new markets “possible within a couple of weeks.”

Giulio Montemagno, senior vice president, international at RetailMeNot said with “large e-commerce markets and impressive growth rates, Spain and Italy are natural choices for us to expand.”

“We believe that Spanish and Italian shoppers are already on the lookout for attractive digital offers, and will be receptive to the RetailMeNot brand as discount seeking becomes a natural part of the shopping journey,” Montemagno said adding that in both markets “online commerce and mobile retailing are accelerating and retailers are looking to drive sales and improve the customer experience for shoppers.”

The company noted that Spain and Italy both experienced more than 19 percent growth in e-commerce sales, and “offer promising prospects for retailers.”

“While the online spend per person is still slightly lower than in the mature markets of the U.K., Germany and France, Italy and Spain are among the most heavily populated countries in Europe (60 and 47 million respectively), with high mobile connectivity and strong potential for future growth,” the company said.

The company said that consumers in Spain and Italy “already have a strong appeal” for coupons and vouchers, and also noted recent studies that show that “half of Spanish shoppers often use coupons and voucher codes when shopping.”