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Teen retailers like Rue 21 are under the wire to improve shopping experiences given their target consumer. As such, Rue 21 has tapped retail consulting firm, Columbus Consulting International to devise a “technology roadmap” to cement shoppers at the center of their business strategies.

“Columbus Consulting has deep expertise helping retailers to objectively assess their current technology solutions and position them on a path toward success,” said Mark Chrystal, chief analytics officer of Rue 21. “I found Columbus’ outside opinion and knowledge essential to validating parts of our approach and contributing insight into the future vision. The unified commerce and data analytics projects we’re now focusing on will provide us with a customer-centric view of our business, allowing us to better serve our shoppers.”

At the core of the partnership resides Rue 21’s need to improve its consumer journey. With that, new endeavors will include real-time visibility into inventory levels to facilitate online purchases being available for in-store pick-ups, increasing the amount of consumer data that’s collected, optimizing analytics to inform product assortment, a Rue 21 spokesman said.

“[The partnership will continue] to serve them well as they move forward with building out Rue 21’s unified commerce and data analytics capabilities, as outlined in the IT roadmap,” said Rick Amari, founder of Columbus Consulting.

In reviewing Rue 21’s current data, Columbus Consulting confirmed that the existing data doesn’t need a complete overhaul — it’s reliable and accurate, the spokesman affirmed.

As Generation Z continues to mature and gain more spending influence, retailers such as Rue 21 are tasked with optimizing analytics to improve accuracy of product to remove unpopular trends that sit on shelves. What’s more, delivering personalized and specific item recommendations will resonate especially well with Generation Z shoppers.

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