View Slideshow has unveiled an exclusive sale marking 50 years of Saint Laurent Rive Gauche.

The re-commerce site, which specializes in vintage and secondhand luxury and rare pieces, was co-founded by Sofia Bernardin and Sabrina Marshall.

The selection includes a Saint Laurent 1986 leopard ensemble in silk for $804.80 and a Saint Laurent Seventies safari shirt dress for $670.70. There’s also a Saint Laurent Vintage sailor jacket from the early Eighties for $558.90 and a Seventies printed ensemble for $670.70.  Overall, retail prices are between $67.10 and $996.60, with several blouses and blazers priced from $223.70 to $447.40. All prices are at current exchange rate; sizes are in French.

The partners said that in launching Rive Gauche in 1966, Saint Laurent became the first designer to approach ready-to-wear with the same detail and innovation as haute couture, and they wanted to feature pieces that reflect a spirit of modernity.

Bernardin, a former ad executive for the U.S., Chinese and Japanese editions of Vogue, and Marshall, former fashion editor of Self Service magazine, started in 2013. Offering pieces from private collections and vintage stores, the site doubled its sales growth last year and is profitable.