LONDON — Unilever’s newest launch in the premium category — a toothpaste and tooth serum called Regenerate Enamel Science — will make its debut in Selfridges’ beauty hall in London Thursday.

The line will launch at a concession in the store’s ground floor beauty space that’s been designed to showcase the technology behind the Regenerate products. The personal-care firm is launching the line as an aesthetic and treatment product, which Unilever says can restore tooth enamel in the early stages of erosion.

Elodie Bohuon, beauty buyer at Selfridges, said she sees Regenerate as a “new-generation product [that] breaks the boundaries in innovation and technology.

“This product is going to make a strong statement [to] the market, and we are expecting it to be a big success within our beauty halls,” Bohuon said.

The products incorporate a technology Unilever has patented called NR-5, which includes the ingredients calcium silicate and sodium phosphate. The company said that together, these ingredients form a new supply of the mineral hydroxyapatite, which makes up tooth enamel. According to studies by Unilever, when the toothpaste and serum were used together, they were able to regenerate 82 percent of tooth enamel in in-vitro tests. Unilever noted that the benefits of the products, which contain fluoride, include protecting against cavities, making the teeth stronger and restoring their original whiteness.

The company is positioning the line, which consists of two products: Advanced Toothpaste and Boosting Serum, as a luxury range for women who are conscious of their “health, teeth and beauty,” said Marie-Anne Aymerich, senior vice president for oral care at Unilever.

Aymerich said she sees the product as “something totally new, between a dental and an aesthetic product.” She added that it will be marketed toward both consumers and dental professionals. Mark Bleathman, vice president of personal care U.K. at Unilever, described the line at the launch as “a beautiful product but also really high performance.”

After its launch at Selfridges Thursday, the line will make its debut in Boots in the U.K. from June 11. The toothpaste will have a recommended retail price of 10 pounds, or around $17 at current exchange, while the serum will have a recommended retail price of 30 pounds, or $50. A global rollout for the range will follow later this year.

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