SEO and social media marketing solution provider SEMrush Inc. has released its top rankings of e-commerce site traffic for retail and fashion. In a year defined by robust online search and sales, consumers flocked to a mix of direct-to-consumer brands, fast-fashion and traditional retailers.

Topping the list was with 30 percent year-over-year growth in site traffic and average monthly traffic of 146.8 million., the Turkish apparel, home goods and fashion accessories site, ranked second with 117 million average monthly traffic — representing a 39 percent year-over-year increase. H&M’s site grabbed the number three spot with 112 million average monthly site traffic, and was followed by with 97 million. came in fifth with 85 million.

Fernando Angulo, head of communications at SEMrush, noted that seven out of the top ten global fashion e-commerce sites “have seen a double-digit increase in traffic in 2020 as consumer interest in online shopping was on the rise due to the coronavirus outbreak.”

“Apparently, big fashion brands were able to quickly adapt to the changing landscape and introduce policies that helped take advantage of the global shift to online like extended returns,” Angulo told WWD. “With online shopping becoming a habit to many, I believe we might as well see similar growth in 2021.”

Here’s the full list:

global ecommerce

Source: SEMrush 

Researchers at the firm also released data on the top product keyword categories for the U.S. and the U.K. In the U.S., the top keyword was “gloves” with 182 percent year-over-year growth and was followed by “sweatpants” and “slippers” with year-over-year growth of 114 percent and 96 percent, respectively. In fourth was “jeans” with 61 percent growth, and “shorts” came in fifth with 47 percent.

Other top keywords included “robe” and “skirt” as well as “hoodie” and “socks.”

In the U.K., “joggers” were ranked first with more than 150 percent growth, and was followed by “slippers” with 147 percent and “gloves” with 138 percent. Other top keyword searches included “pajamas” and “sweatpants” as well as “sneakers” and “leggings.”

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