In its annual Retail Personalization Index ranking, Sailthru said Sephora took the top spot again this year, while Nordstrom came in at number two.

Researchers at the personalized marketing automation technology provider said in its ranking report that “high-scoring brands have started to show signs of true multichannel personalization that is orchestrated to suit the customer.”

The index is culled from a survey of 1,500 consumers in the U.S. and in the U.K., and “it compares feedback about cross-channel customer experiences against data such as net promoter score and repeat purchase rate,” Sailthru noted. “From this insight, it’s clear that consumers report higher satisfaction and are more likely to report purchasing again from brands with engaging, personalized experiences that make shopping easy and enjoyable across all channels.”

Authors of the report said the leading scorers such as Sephora, The Home Depot and Urban Outfitters “performed particularly well on mobile and e-mail channels, where Amazon scored poorly.” Sailthru also found that many online brands “such as Thrive Market and Boxed also showed multichannel sophistication that beat Amazon.”

“In particular, retailers with good mobile personalization climbed the rankings, which reflects changing consumer habits, with global m-commerce transactions set to overtake e-commerce transactions this year,” the company said.

Jason Grunberg, vice president of marketing at Sailthru, said customers are “highly engaged on mobile and e-mail, not just on-site and in-store. The brands that performed best in the Retail Personalization Index do two things right: They deliver deep personalization on individual channels. And they deliver experiences between channels that keep customers coming back.”

Grunberg said consumers control their shopping experience, “and that’s why their feedback drives this research.”

Authors of the report said large “big-box brands” also received high customer scores “for likelihood to buy, but so did many other brands, such as Nike, Adidas and Etsy.” The firm said shoppers are embracing a variety of “online, brick-and-mortar, big and small brands, as long as the shopping experience is rewarding.”

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