BEIJING — Hordes of curious tourists and shoppers continue to make their way to Uniqlo’s Beijing flagship after footage of a young couple supposedly having sex in one of the change rooms went viral on Chinese social media last week.

“Make sure you can see the sign,” instructed Lam Chi-Yin to his girlfriend, Yvette Yuan, who was seen squatting on the floor, positioning her phone in different angles to capture the entire four-story shop behind her boyfriend. The flagship, located in Beijing’s trendy Sanlitun Taikoo Li shopping center, was already considered a landmark building in its own right with its multicolor facade but when the sex tape made its rounds last week, attracting millions of views on Chinese social media platforms Weibo and WeChat, the flagship’s popularity shot up exponentially overnight.

Not everyone was happy. The steamy romp, filmed in mid-April, has raised the ire of Chinese authorities, who have chastised the video as going “against socialist core values” and slammed the Japanese fast fashion retailer for using the video as a possible publicity stunt. Fast Retailing, Uniqlo’s corporate parent, has denied it had any involvement with the recording and rejected the idea that the incident was a marketing gimmick.

Over the weekend, police said they’ve arrested at least four suspects for disseminating the footage and named one suspect, a 19-year-old man surnamed Sun, for uploading the tape.

Outside the store on Monday evening, dozens of patrons were seen posing in front of the shop, some equipped with selfie sticks to get the full range of the store and one visitor was seen with a laptop Skyping a friend.

“Do you see it?” he asks, shifting the computer around outside the store.

Jason Zhang, 25, brought an old classmate along with him. It’s his second visit to Uniqlo in a week.

‘That’s me” he said, showing off a photo of himself in front of the store.

“I was here two days ago but I wanted to show my friend,” Zhang said introducing his friend, Bing Hung Zhang, who just returned to Beijing after a six-month work trip from Ethiopia, fresh from the airport with luggage in hand.

“I also saw the video when I was in Africa” his friend said.

Zhang expressed shock that the video made the rounds in China since pornography is forbidden in China.

“On the Internet, you never see anything [like the sex tape] online,” he said, adding how he’s not surprised the video became so popular because “[Chinese people] are not very open about sex. So the public is very curious for these things.”

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