The back bar at Shen Beauty, where eyelash services are on tap.

Shen Beauty is giving its service menu a facelift to adapt to the evolving needs of its customer base.

This summer, the natural beauty mecca situated in the Carroll Gardens neighborhood of Brooklyn began rolling out a host of new treatment options, including a variety of facials, eyelash services and Ayurvedic and Reiki healing treatments. A second treatment room was added to accommodate the influx of new services.

Also new is the Shen Total Beauty Facial, which utilizes the Immunocologie product line that Shen began stocking this year. Brand founder Karen Ballou, an aesthetician, designed the facial using clay-based products from her range — she maintains that the clay mixture is pure enough to drink. Though Shen has not previously devoted a facial treatment to a singular line, Shen owner Jessica Richards said she is always on the hunt for unique treatment and product options that will appeal to her growing clientele base — many of them young mothers who live in and around the neighborhood. “The industry is turning to wellness,” said Richards. “It’s a great way to introduce the line — it’s like the organic version of Skinceuticals — and offer something to women who are pregnant and looking to get the ‘nasties’ out of their products.” The Shen Total Beauty facial is $195 for 90 minutes and includes red LED light therapy to stimulate collagen production.

As Richards began expanding her treatment menu this summer, she saw the need to streamline. Customers were coming to her in-house aesthetician with a slew of common skin issues, so Richards decided to offer targeted treatments. Among the new offerings are the $85 Shen Lift, $75 Shen Glow and $165 Congested Pore Facial. “I’ve always liked the saying, ‘Keep it simple, stupid,’” said Richards. “Give [customers] what they want so they can understand it.”

Another key thing customers are looking for, Richards noted, is more holistic options like the Arvigo Healing Treatment, an abdominal massage therapy said to help with symptoms of infertility and miscarriage. “People don’t understand it but once you explain it to them, they’re like, ‘I’ll do it,’” Richards said of the ancient naturopathic treatment that she began offering this summer. She noted that interest in natural alternatives extends to more than just products, and that customers are curious and willing to try new therapies and treatments to avoid invasive procedures like IVF. An hourlong Reiki treatment, a form of stress-reduction involving essential oils, is also offered for $150. An Ayurvedic Facial Lift Massage, which mimics the effects of a facelift in a non-invasive way, has also been added to Shen’s menu.

At the suggestion of her cool brand of Brooklynite staffers, Richards added eyelash perms and tinting services in June. A perm sets the lash in a curl that can hold up to 90 days, and a tint eliminates the need for mascara—a combination of the two services costs $110. Richards said word of the treatments’ efficacy have been spreading via word of mouth.

Richards noted that later this year she’ll be revamping Shen’s web site to make it more interactive. She referred to her expansion as a “slow burn” as she keeps her finger on the pulse of new products and market trends to bring in a continual stream of new options she feels will be a fit for her customers. “It’s an ever-evolving thing, and it’s going to constantly change as we try to keep up with our customer,” she said.