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Shopper: Margot Hanley
Date/Time: 11.16.2013, 2:35 p.m.
Store: Atelier Cologne
Location: 357 Atlantic Avenue, Brooklyn, N.Y.
Total Spent: $180*

What’s in Margot’s Bag?

Margot Hanley visited Atelier Cologne at its newest Brooklyn outpost to restock her Vanille Insensée scent. “Vanilla has been bastardized by so many places,” says Hanley. “It’s such a beautiful scent to cook with and [Vanille Insensée] is very warm and a scent you can wear all the time.” The 26-year-old Warby Parker employee, who spends $2,500 annually on beauty, looks for high-quality products and ingredients, as well as transparency in the brand. “I’m vegan,” she says. “Ideally I’m looking for things that aren’t tested on animals, but sometimes that can be a little obscure, but I want to understand the things I am buying.” Instead of reading reviews for advice on new products, she relies on her friends for recommendations. “I tend to try things out,” says Hanley. “Usually the places I’m buying from tell me to come back in if it doesn’t work out.”

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Shopper: Alice Lin
Date/Time: 3.19.2014, 1:15 p.m.
Store: Macy’s
Location: 136-50 Roosevelt Avenue, Flushing, N.Y.
Total Spent: $472*

What’s in Alice’s Bag?

Alice Lin doesn’t skimp on skin care. The 30-year-old student is loyal to La Prairie’s Crème Caviar Luxe. “Even though it’s expensive, it has a lot of great benefits,” she says. “If it works, I’ll spend the money.” On a Wednesday afternoon before class, Lin arrived at Macy’s to purchase Clinique’s three-step skin care for her sister and restock her beloved moisturizer. Lin, who spends $2,000 annually on beauty products, first learned about La Prairie from a friend. “I tend to respect my friends’ recommendations,” says Lin. While Macy’s is convenient for Lin since she lives close by and many of the employees speak her native tongue, Chinese, she frequents for discounted deals on prestige items. “Beauty products make me feel beautiful,” she says. “And I always feel more confident.”


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