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Beauty Inc issue 03/09/2012

What’s in Jill’s Bag

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Shopper: Jill Catanzaro, 32

Date/Time: 2.06.2012, 3:07p.m.

Store: Ulta

Location: 82 The Promenade, Edgewater, NJ


Jill Catanzaro, 32, is something of a beauty product investigator. The first-grade teacher, who lives in West New York, NJ, is constantly on the hunt for the latest, greatest skin and hair care. “I have cystic acne and extremely fine hair, so I need very specific products,” says Catanzaro. Today, she stopped by Ulta to stock up on Murad skin care, which she discovered through her facialist. “I was so excited when I realized I could buy this brand at Ulta,” she says. “I use both cleansers every day to keep away the acne.” Catanzaro also bought shampoo, which she liked due to its “clean scent.” “I’m still on the hunt for a shampoo that offers volume and is color safe,” she says. Naming her favorite fragrance as Chanel Chance and color brand as Nars, Catanzaro calls herself a “loyal” beauty consumer and often buys sample sizes for a test run. “I’m petrified to change anything in my regimen,” she says, adding, “I like shopping in places where there are knowledgeable sales people. I hate when I know more about a product than a [beauty adviser].”

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What’s in Maggie’s Bag


Shopper: Maggie Ramos, 36

Date/Time: 2.06.2012, 1:25 p.m.

Store: Target

Location: 543 River Road, Edgewater, NJ


Maggie Ramos, 36, is a busy mom. With four children ranging in age from one to 16, beauty shopping is for the most part a straightforward task. “I come to the store to get the basics and I get a lot at one time,” says the self-professed “hair-obsessed” consumer. “I like to play around with my hairstyle and try things that help me straighten or make it curly,” says Ramos, who shares products with her daughters. She likes to browse—mostly for hair products—at stores like Target and Wal-Mart. “I stay away from makeup because I have drawers filled at home that I end up not using,” she says. On this day, Ramos was shopping for her eldest’s upcoming sweet 16 party. “I took the chance to restock my hair supplies,” says Ramos, who was drawn to the packaging and scent of Burt’s Bees’ new Güd line. “I like to try new shampoo and conditioner sets,” she says. “If there is one I haven’t tried, I usually end up buying it.” She also picked up Garnier’s Blow Dry Perfector, intrigued by its frizz-fighting claims. “I hate frizz,” says Ramos. “Any formula that controls it, I will try.”

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