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Beauty Inc issue 06/21/2013

What’s in Danae’s Bag?

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SHOPPER: Danae McLeod

DATE/TIME: 5.10.2013, 1:15 p.m.

STORE: Kiehl’s

LOCATION: 400 West 14th Street


Danae McLeod was at Kiehl’s to take advantage of the Recycle and Be Rewarded program, which incentivizes consumers to bring back empty tubes and bottles. Today, she was returning her 10th bottle, which entitled her to choose a free product worth up to $25. “Four years ago I started coming here and learned better ways to take care of my skin,” says McLeod, a 32-year-old philosophy teacher. “I’m pretty low maintenance and, with a bit of encouragement, can be convinced to try harder. I’ve had these bottles for a while. It’s a good reminder to restock.” McLeod spends around $360 annually on beauty, and is a brand loyalist. “I look for brands that don’t animal test and contain few ingredients,” she says. “I know what I like, so I rarely try new things unless someone gives me a reason to.”


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What’s in Amanda Celia’s Bag?

SHOPPER: Amanda Celia Thompson

DATE/TIME: 5.10.2013, 2:42 p.m.

STORE: Michael Angelo’s Wonderland Beauty Parlor

LOCATION: 418 West 13th Street


Amanda Celia Thompson won’t scrimp on quality when it comes to hair care. “Hair stuff I’ll spend money on,” says Thompson. “100 percent.” The 23-year-old fashion designer, who spends about $800 annually on beauty, is a regular at Michael Angelo’s Wonderland Beauty Parlor, where she is drawn by the hipster appeal. “I love the atmosphere,” says Thompson. “It’s worth the trip to Wonderland just to feel the vibes. I like how it has an appeal of an editorial salon. You get an experience when you walk in.” When asked what she loves most about shopping for beauty, she compares it to buying intimate apparel. “I love feeling like a girl,” says Thompson. “It’s like when you wear silk panties. No one sees them, even though you bought the nice ones. It’s kind of like hair products. No one knows how expensive your hair product is, but you feel it when you put it on.”

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