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Beauty Inc issue 09/07/2012

What’s in Susan’s Bag

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Shopper: Susan Mckenney

Date/Time: 8.1.2012, 2:30 p.m.

Store: Nordstrom

Location: 25 Westchester Avenue, White Plains, N.Y.

On a rainy summer day, Susan Mckenney stopped by Nordstrom to restock her Laura Mercier foundation. When she was approached by a Nordstrom beauty stylist for a makeover, one purchase slowly turned into six. “I usually don’t have the patience when someone approaches me,” says Mckenney, “but she was so knowledgeable.” Although she arrived with only foundation in mind, Mckenney, a receptionist at her husband’s construction business, wound up also buying blush, concealer, eyeliner, lipstick and eye cream. At the counter, Mckenney sat with the sales associate, who introduced her to some new products while giving her a makeover. “When I’m being helped with beauty, I look at the person and check out their skin and makeup,” says Mckenney. “My beauty stylist had a great complexion and beautifully applied makeup, so I really trusted her recommendations.”


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What’s in Margalie’s Bag



Shopper: Margalie Pierre

Date/Time: 8.1.2012, 3:15 p.m.

Store: Origins

Location: 25 Westchester Avenue, White Plains, N.Y.


Margalie Pierre happily made the 45-minute drive from her house to Origins for her regular facial. “I’ve been using Origins for two years now and I come in once a month to refill and relax with a facial,” says Pierre. The mother of three says she has normal to dry skin and likes the natural ingredients infused in Origins products, as well as the shopping environment. “I hate to be pushed when I’m shopping, but I enjoy the atmosphere here,” says Pierre. “Everyone is friendly and very knowledgeable.” While she loves Elizabeth Arden and Mary Kay makeup, Pierre says her skin-care regimen is most important and she is devoted to Origins. She washes her face in the morning with Origins Pure Cream, applies toner every other day and uses moisturizer and eye cream. “I spend about $260 a month at Origins and I’ve witnessed the benefits,” says Pierre. “I definitely don’t think it’s a waste of money.”