ST. LOUIS – Mary Anne Sansone’s idea was simple — a day of shopping with her two daughters and three daughters-in-law, without kids or husbands or interruptions.

That’s not so easy when there are 30 children and six husbands involved, as well as diapers to change, meals to cook, homework assistance to provide and countless other professional and personal responsibilities.

Time is precious. Who to call for some retail therapy?

Sansone hired the Shopping Co., which plans customized excursions — from the stretch limousine to lunch. For an average all-inclusive cost of $110 per person, the company helps connect shoppers with boutiques and specialty shops they might not otherwise find (malls are a no-no). There’s no stress for the clients and the merchants find new potential customers.

The Shopping Co. makes sure clients never have to look for a parking space or carry a package. Along with daily trips around St. Louis, the company does the legwork for excursions to New York, London and Scottsdale, Ariz., for prices that range from $2,100 to $3,900 per, person depending on the length of stay, the season and other factors.

“I work and I don’t get the chance to do this kind of thing…I will definitely come back to these shops,” said Deby Sansone Schlapprizzi, a mother of four who is office manager at her husband’s law firm.

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