While enjoying their role as parent, new moms also crave their pre-baby days.

Sleepless nights, money woes and missing life before having children — and wishing Julia Roberts could babysit — were some of the key findings of concerns in a consumer survey by Zulily pegged for this coming Mother’s Day.

The survey also included a snapshot of shopping trends for a one-year period that involved more than 260,000 products.

The e-commerce retailer conducted the Google survey with 1,000 respondents earlier this month and when asked which celebrity respondents would want to baby their kids, 37.4 percent pined for Julia Roberts. Melissa McCarthy came in next with 35 percent while Kate Hudson garnered 16.4 percent of votes. Scarlett Johansson had 8.3 percent, and Kim Kardashian grabbed 2.9 percent of votes (evidently for those children who are tabloid-ready).

The survey found that “New Yorkers and Californians were more likely to pick Melissa McCarthy, while Mississippians picked Julia Roberts and South Carolinians picked Kate Hudson.”

When asked what they missed most about their lives before having children, respondents cited uninterrupted sleep, affordable groceries and being spontaneous. Regarding their “most missed indulgence after becoming a mom,” 45.3 percent said it was having a day off. With fathers, 33.8 percent of men said it was having “quality time with their wife.”

And asked about the most common topic for arguments among first-time parents, most said it was about money.

With product trends, the retailer pulled data from April 6, 2015, through April 6 of this year, which showed that 9.3 million infant and maternity product units were sold on the value-driven site as well as 1.6 million baby gear products. And according to the company’s calculations, consumers saved more than $3 million on diapers and related items during that time period as well as over $2 million on strollers and stroller accessories. Below is a breakdown by category as well as top-selling maternity styles.

Total Units Sold for Baby Products

Strollers & Accessories: 117,833

Baby Blankets: 183,303

“Setting up a nursery”: 166,140

Feeding Supplies: 580,557

Diapering Supplies: 252,494

Baby Bottles: 28,068

Top 10 Best-Selling Maternity Styles

T-Shirts: 105,242

Bras: 61,942

Tank Tops: 39,534

Casual Dresses: 38,949

Leggings: 38,624

Denim Pants & Jeans: 32,834

Maxidresses: 31,936

Blouses: 28,692

Camisoles: 26,152

Tunics: 18,653