Simon Fall 2016 Magazine

HAS SPOKEN: The shopping center giant published the second issue of its glossy magazine, which is simply called, Simon.

The publication launched last year as a test. The response was so positive, Simon Property Group decided to stay in the magazine game, at least for a little while longer.

The Real Estate Investment Trust teamed again with Condé Nast, levering the media giant’s custom publishing expertise through 23 Stories, its in-house content studio.

“23 Stories allowed us to tap into the best and brightest in Condé portfolio,” said Chidi Achara, global creative director of Simon. “There is a very strong Vogue imprint. Condé Nast gave us access to its taste level and audience. All of the content we’re creating for print will be available through digital and social channels.”

More than 300,000 issues were released, with the vast majority distributed and sent with Vogue, Allure and Glamour October issues.

“Print is definitely not dead,” Achara said. “There’s a lot of life in it. In the same way that people like to touch and feel clothing and accessories before they buy, there’s value in the tactile experience of print content. This is especially true since a lot of the content we’re covering isn’t breaking news. We’re helping navigate our shoppers through the key highlights of seasonal trends and sharing news about amenities, brands, entertainment and the community.”

While Achara is bullish on print, he said Simon’s content will also be available through digital and social channels. “We’ll lift digital content from magazine,” he said. “There’s also video content to enrich the experience and drive awareness.”

The national publication focuses on Simon’s top 10 markets, highlighting local information for each region. “We’re really focusing on what’s new in those 10 key markets,” Achara said.

The second issue has been tweaked. Rather than focusing on luxury retailers and shoppers, the second magazine is more egalitarian. “There is a much broader mix with premium and mid-market brands and a sprinkling of luxury,” Achara said. “By focusing on the more mass brands with a broader footprint, it makes the magazine more relevant.”

As for issue number three, Achara said, “We’re very interested in continuing into 2017, either annually or biannually, we’re going to wait and see how this plays out.”