San Francisco-based Bluesmart, which recently wrapped up a $11.5 million round of funding, has partnered with the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) Design Store to sell its “smart” carry-on suitcase that lets users know where it is. And it can also weigh itself.

The carry-on luggage will be available in the store on November 20, but with a limited supply. It will be at both the Midtown MoMa store and the SoHo one as well. The suitcase will also be offered online at The smart suitcase carries a $399 price point.

This is Bluesmart’s first product launch. It’s a travel, carry-on suitcase designed to fit “all U.S. airline size constraints,” the company said, adding that it also meets Transportation Security Administration criteria. The suitcase has a built-in GPS (and 3G networking) that allows for “real-time tracking worldwide,” which is done with a partnership with Telefonica. Users can download an app for their mobile device to receive “proximity alerts and travel itinerary and reports” as well as to simply locate the luggage. It also has built-in sensors so it can weigh itself.

Alejo Verlini, cofounder and head of design at Bluesmart, said he hopes the “blue accents designed into our smart luggage will one day become as iconic as Louboutin red soles and as well-known as Picasso’s Blue Period, and recognition from such a well-respected institution in the design world is validation we’re on our way.”

The Bluesmart carry-on is being positioned as a lightweight yet durable, water- and scratch-resistant suitcase “that is as intelligent, fashionable and functional.”

The product was initially created through a crowdfunded effort, which caught the eye of the MoMa Design Store. “As people are increasingly multitasking, they look for objects in their lives to be multitaskers as well,” said Chay Costello, associate director of merchandising at the MoMA Design Store. “Our buying team travels frequently so we know firsthand how many details need to be juggled as we go from airport to hotel to meetings and beyond. Travel involves lots of moving parts, and a suitcase that helps streamline the process solves a problem and makes life better.”

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