Move over fashionista, the “smartphonista” is taking over.

A new report by digital advertising company Criteo has discovered a unique and growing group of shoppers. The smartphonista is a fashion shopper who makes her purchases on a smartphone. They account for seven out of 10 mobile sales and dominate the demographics for tomorrow’s fashion shoppers.

Sixty-eight percent of these shoppers initiate their clothes hunt by whipping out their phones and 51 percent say they prefer using their phone over a desktop to make clothing purchases. Even though lots of people still have security concerns about mobile shopping, this group gained comfort when using Apple Pay or Google Wallet.

Harris Bernstein, vice president of North America at Criteo, said, “Smartphonistas are into fashion with 59 percent saying they truly love clothes versus 46 percent of the desktop shopper. They also tend to buy several sizes of the same item in order to return what doesn’t fit and they are also almost twice as likely to share their purchase on social media.”

Criteo gets its information form a database of more than 200 U.S. fashion retailers and five million transactions. They also surveyed more than 1,500 fashion shoppers.

The company found that while desktop shopping is alive and well, mobile purchases are beginning to overtake them. Over half of all fashion shoppers use their mobile devices to make purchase, while 48 percent only use their desktop.

In fact “device hopping” is the new shopping. Smartphone shoppers and tablet shoppers bounce back and forth between devices. Seventy-nine percent of smartphone shoppers also buy things on another device. Criteo’s data also told them that these smartphonista’s tend to buy things with low fit risk and lower prices.

Harris said the top items purchased on mobile are T-shirts, shirts and shoes. Items that have a low risk for not fitting and tend to be lower in cost. Desktop shoppers will buy things like pants and lingerie. The mobile shoppers are mostly active in the evenings and weekends. The desktop buying happens during the day and during the week. Surely not while they are at work?

 Criteo has advice for retailers that are trying to woo the smartphonista. They advise retailers offer quick delivery and make finding the right size as easy as possible. “Retailers should also make social sharing simple in order to get the smartphonista to share her purchase and recommendation,” Harris said.

He also said these shoppers prefer and feel most comfortable using Apple Pay and Google Wallet — so give them what they want.

Getting new customers is expensive so Criteo believes it’s data can help retailers. They tell retailers just to target the most likely shoppers and track them across the multiple devices. Make recommendations for them and keep repeat customers happy. Criteo says polish up the customer service and dress up delivery.