Actor Garrett Swann.

Influencer commerce platform and online community Souler said it has picked influencers to be awarded stock options in the company as part of a new “Chosen Influencer” program.

The platform enables influencers to sell products directly to followers and earn a percentage of the revenue generated.

“The initial participants in the new program include well-known creators, social media personalities, style icons, athletes and bloggers such as male models Broderick Hunter and Charlie Matthews, Olympic gold medalist Dalilah Muhammad, model Alysha Nett, actor and comedian Greg Davis Jr. and opera star Marsha Thompson, as well as other top influencers who have already joined,” the company said in a statement.

The stock options will be based on the size of the influencer’s social following. It’s a tiered program, and the company said that “pool of options is limited, so only influencers who are accepted into the program at its outset will be eligible to receive options and be designated a Chosen Influencer.”

Souler cofounder and chief executive officer Josh Wexler said the program “deepens our commitment to the influencers, creators and cultural icons who shape the Souler community.”

George Manley, senior vice president of sales and marketing at Souler, said the top influencers in the program “feature and promote their favorite products in their Souler stores and on all of their social media feeds. In turn, Souler highlights them through featured stories and podcasts on our platform and through other marketing initiatives.”

Influencers on the site can showcase “unique products from the brands they already work with as well as items from new brands that they have discovered on the platform,” the company said adding that the categories offered include fashion, home goods, wellness, outdoor and children’s products.

Instagram influencer Greg Davis Jr. — with more than 1 million social media followers across his various platforms — praised Souler and its ability to generate additional income for him. With this new program, Davis said he now has a stake in the company. “I’ve always wanted to offer my followers a simple way to buy the products I love, in one place, and Souler allows me to do that and create a business,” he added.

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