There’s nothing haphazard about Brooke Taylor Corcia.

Taylor Corcia, founder of online specialty store The Dreslyn, had the bulk of beauty products the site launches with today neatly arranged across a coffee table in her downtown Los Angeles office last week, on display for a visitor. It could have been a post for Instagram.

That’s kind of the point as The Dreslyn adds the beauty category to its boutique, following last year’s launch into home.

“If you’re editing your closet, it’s the whole idea of this edited lifestyle and why shouldn’t your bathroom look as good as the rest of your house or inside your shower or inside your cupboards?” Taylor Corcia said. “Beauty, for me, it’s those small everyday luxuries and nurturing yourself. Even when we ship with the products that are in our edit, we want it to feel like a gift.”

Taylor Corcia launched the business in 2013 with her husband Daniel Corcia and brother Brandon Taylor, bringing the boutique experience digital. They began first with ready-to-wear and now carry labels such as Vince, Helmut Lang, Raquel Allegra, MM6 Maison Margiela, Shaina Mote, See by Chloé and Ryan Roche.

Beauty launches with 19 brands across hair care, soaps, cosmetics, perfumes and body washes. There are gift and travel sets from Grown Alchemist, charcoal soap bars from Herbivore Botanicals, illuminators and multiuse sticks from Ilia Beauty, perfumes from Helmut Lang and serums from Butter Elixir.

“The look and feel is very much in line with The Dreslyn aesthetic, so minimalist, very simple, elegant products at easily accessible price points,” Taylor Corcia said. “But the majority of what we really sourced were organic bath and beauty products. And the common thread that we find very interesting with these collections is that a lot of them started really organically — people making this in their kitchen or making this at home.”

The company tested perfumes and candles in gift boxes this past holiday. Demand was enough to give them the confidence to push forward with this year’s launch, which Taylor Corcia said had always been in the eventual cards from the time of The Dreslyn’s start.

Still, the company is measured in its approach as it branches out, mindful of its customer base.

“For us, it’s very important that we stay focused on what we’re doing in this edited philosophy so that, contrary to some of our competitors who really expand very quickly within one category, like [in] ready-to-wear. You sort of lose that edited point of view, where you have gone from maybe 70 collections to 300,” Taylor Corcia said. “There’s a trust value in keeping it very finite. So our intention was really to give the best within our market for each category of a woman’s life. So that whole lifestyle component and coming into this market as a boutique online specialty store where we’re giving you a really limited selection of what we think is new and interesting and also accessible.”

While getting beauty off the ground is the primary focus, men’s and children’s continues to be a consideration farther out for the business. But as with beauty or the company’s launch into home, it goes through a filter and lens of what’s most relevant to the existing Dreslyn customer.

“There’s a like attracts like mentality,” she said. “It’s the same person, the same focus who is interested in this type of product and dresses a certain way and decorates her home a certain way.”

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