Shopping app Spring today begins unleashing some serious girl power in a campaign featuring Rebecca Minkoff, Eileen Fisher, Tyler Haney and 30 other female designers or industry leaders.

The New York-based company began rolling out portraits shot by photographer Diego Uchitel on social media and will continue posting batches of 11 at a time through Tuesday, capping it on International Women’s Day. The images are also accompanied with the interviews and story of each of the subjects photographed. The aim of the campaign is to raise money for the organization I Am That Girl.

“Being a platform, versus a retailer, we have a very engaged community and definitely have an opportunity to do things as a group,” said Spring chief brand officer April Uchitel. “International Women’s Day obviously speaks to a lot of our female founders….It’s a really interesting opportunity to bring them all together for a purpose and a cause to build a sense of community. That is the point of differentiation for Spring.”

The company’s shopping platform has been coined the Instagram of shopping. It carries items for men, women and children from brands such as Opening Ceremony, Vince, Michael Kors, Warby Parker, Poketo and Kate Spade New York. Last year, the company closed on a $25 million Series B round, which brought its total raised to date to $32.5 million.

The content that’s being paired with the campaign imagery will be featured in a new area of the Web site and app, launched just a few weeks ago, called Spotlight. The area will be a home for more profiles, according to Uchitel, allowing for Spring to grow its editorial content.

“This expands that exponentially and we have a lot more interactive modules so this [campaign] really does kind of help kick that off,” she said.

The motivation for the campaign goes back to building a community of engaged users, including participation from the designers that users shop from.

Minkoff was one of the 33 tapped to participate in the campaign, where she talked about the challenges she’s seen with women supporting one another.

“I thought the mentality behind it was wonderful and the plan around it was great,” Minkoff said. “And Spring is innovative in what they’re doing.”

She pointed to her mother as one of her earliest mentors. “My mom was definitely one of those women who taught me if I wanted something that, most of the time, she wouldn’t buy it for me,” Minkoff said. “But if I worked for it or if I wanted to take a class and learn how to make it, then she’d pay for that.”

Empowerment is what brought Haney, founder of activewear brand Outdoor Voices, to the Spring campaign.

“It’s a group of really powerful women, each going after something very special and I feel very strongly about team empowerment and there being power in numbers,” Haney said.

She shared with Spring her early experiences as a start-up building her business and pounding the pavement looking for investors. “The main takeaway was that ‘no’ doesn’t always mean ‘no’ because at investor meetings you hear the word ‘no’ a lot and you have to find ways to turn the word ‘no’ to ‘yes.’”