DALLAS – Stanley Korshak this month consolidated the Shak and Shak Men’s contemporary boutiques into its flagship store across the courtyard at The Crescent in Dallas.

“We’re putting it back in the main store and everything benefits,” said owner Crawford Brock.

He’s unsure what he’ll do with the empty spaces, which total 10,800 square feet and housed the businesses for only two years. He is considering installing home furnishings or giving up the real estate.

Moving the contemporary businesses out of the main store in 2014 was a mistake because shoppers visiting one venue and rarely crossed the courtyard to visit the other, he said. It also coincided with the crash in the price of oil.

“Women’s [fashion] is transitioning in a big way,” Brock observed. “Couture is not performing. The Boomers are retiring, and the Millennials have higher turn. The women’s Shak is on a big growth spurt. That’s where the future is.”

The Shak was 6,800 square feet and Shak Men’s spanned 4,000 square feet. The Stanley Korshak Bridal Boutique, which Brock sold earlier this year, remains on the second level of the former Shak and has its own entry.

At the time of their opening, U.S. oil production was booming and Brock was eager to tap into a consumer who was spending big on fashion. The move into separate spaces for The Shak was part of a $2 million, 5,000-square foot expansion following double-digit growth in 2013 that took the retailer’s sales to more than $45 million annually.

The expansion also included a larger bridal salon and grew Korshak’s total footprint to 73,000 square feet.