Story, the Chelsea shop in Manhattan that changes its merchandising concept every six weeks or so, will raise its cool factor by putting Jeremyville front and center Thursday night, where he will be signing his “Jeremyville at Colette” book and selling an assortment of his creations. The event runs from 7 to 9 p.m. and is integrated into an edited collection of gifts from Colette, the famous Paris store closing Dec. 20.

According to Story founder Rachel Shechtman, it will be the first and last time for Colette merchandise to be sold outside the Colette store. The collection features an edit of Colette gift items as well as one-of-a-kind Story + Colette mystery bags for the holidays.

“I always loved to visit Story. I love the location near the High Line. I love the fact it’s different each time we go, and I love the assortment of fun products,” said Colette’s founder Sarah Andelman. Story is located at 144 Tenth Avenue.

It’s a limited offering from Colette, including T-shirts, bags and fragrance. It’s also a limited offer from Jeremyville, a New York based artist, illustrator, product designer and author with a distinct style. He’s exhibited at museums around the world as well as at Colette in Paris. Through his Studio Jeremyville, he has created designs for Converse, Swatch, Urban Outfitters and other retailers and brands, and is on the speaking circuit advocating for the environment and social changes.