Kurt Salmon, part of Accenture Strategy, has ranked retailers on the speed and accuracy of their deliveries during Cyber Monday. Luxury brands  topped the list.

The top 10 retailers, culled from a field of 84, that pulled out all the stops to deliver for customers include Coach, American Eagle, Burberry, Kate Spade, Lululemon, DSW, GNC, Nordstrom, Target and Zappos.

“Retailers are under great pressure to deliver against rapidly changing consumer expectations,” said Steve Osburn, managing director of Kurt Salmon. “Ensuring that they are operationally robust to fulfill customer orders and deliveries is crucial for organizations wanting to build lasting loyalty.”

The speediest retailers delivered goods in an average of 3.5 days. About 17 percent of retailers delivered within the first week of Cyber Monday. The vast majority, 94 percent, delivered products within two weeks, compared to 82 percent in 2015.

Overall delivery times improved to 8.3 calendar days compared with 8.7 days in 2015.

Coach had the fastest delivery time – within two days, followed by American Eagle Outfitters, Burberry and Kate Spade, within three days. Lululemon, DSW, GNC, Nordstrom, Target and Zappos delivered goods to customers within four days.

There were fewer errors this year, with just 12 percent of orders encountering an error compared to 15 percent last year. Retailers are clearly improving their game, with 55 percent delivering all orders correctly compared with 30 percent in 2015. The percentage of orders with a cancelled item dropped from 34 percent in 2015 to 26 percent during the recent Cyber Monday.

Kurt Salmon said that offering a limited selection for buy online, pick-up in-store was a smart move on the part of retailers. About 92 percent offered consumers a way to qualify for free shipping. Some 39 percent added a minimum spend requirement for free shipping. A little more than half the retailers in the study offered an in-store pick-up option.

The study, which took place during Cyber Monday, analyzed orders that were shipped to consumers as well as those collected in store to measure shipping speed, accuracy and cost.