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Luxury jewelry online marketplace Swoonery aims to make a splash in the white-glove world by offering exclusively for sale designs by Neha Dani, including a natural pink diamond bracelet valued at $3 million.

Called the Amarante Bracelet, the $3 million piece contains over 75 carats of natural pink diamonds. Designed with the idea of flowers blossoming on twigs, there are 18 natural fancy vivid purplish-pink diamonds with a total weight of 4.02 carats representing the flower’s pistils, and over 11,000 smaller pink diamonds — total weight is 72.83 carats — comprising the flower’s petals. Each diamond is individually certified by the Gemological Institute of America.

According to Swoonery, the bracelet took over one year and 2,000 hours to complete, from conceptualization to completion. The jewelry e-tailer believes Amarante is currently the most expensive item of jewelry available for sale online. Other items in the 25-piece group have price points ranging from $7,100 earrings to $147,000 for a bracelet.

Dani, based in New Delhi and a certified gemologist, has two collections that are available at Swoonery. One is her High Jewelry, a more traditional look having elevated details and workmanship. The other is Cadence, which is a bit more avant-garde and incorporates inspiration from underwater plant life and uses a custom rhodium finish over 18-karat gold.

Swoonery founder and chief executive officer Jean Poh said, “As a society, we’ve lost sight of the meaning of luxury and fine jewelry. Fine jewelry was never about price, branding or showmanship. It’s always been about artistic vision and craftsmanship. With the way the world has moved because of globalization and e-commerce, what we’re seeing is really the commoditized version of jewelry.”

Poh, a fourth generation jewelry industry professional and lawyer-turned entrepreneur, aims to change that through personalization via technology on the site to show items to a user based on past searches or preferences; embracing new designers, and white glove service. For the buyer of the Amarante bracelet, shipment will include insurance and hand-delivery by Poh, accompanied by a trained security detail.

Some of the other offerings on the site start as low as $175, and so far it offers pieces from 58 designers. Poh said all the designers on the site share two common themes: “Uniqueness of design and integrity of the workmanship, because those are the things that have the power to move and inspire us.”

Swoonery is planning other events to showcase up-and-coming jewelry designers. Poh and her brand team select what is sold on the site. She said that Dani’s designs embrace what the market is searching for today and that is hand-fabricated jewelry.

Poh said the handmade process allows the craftsmanship of each piece to speak to the buyer on an individual level. Some of the jewelry available today is less relevant to the modern consumer because the “gimmicky marketing campaigns” have diluted some of the brand equity in the marketplace in order to get mass appeal, Poh explained.

But she also noted one trend that has been harder to predict, and that has to do with not knowing the profile of the luxury consumer. “We have clients that are completely unexpected. We sold a $12,000 ring to a gentleman who bought it for his wife and they live in a military base camp in Florida. It was an opal ring by Katherine Jetter; she only works with investment-grade Australian boulder opals. We never expected the piece would ship to a military base camp in Florida….It is time to recognize that a buyer of fine jewelry can take any form — it’s about what [pieces] they connect [with],” she said.

The jewelry designers Swoonery works with are based around the world. The firm counts Carmen Busquets as an investor. Busquets was also an early investor in Net-a-porter. Swoonery last month was a participant in the “Lab” that LVMH Moët Hennessy Louis Vuitton sponsored at Viva Technology Paris last month.