The Fendirumi are set to take London by storm.

If their receptions in Tokyo and Milan are any indication, the Brits will go gaga for the two 6-foot furry, cartoonish costumed performers, who were originally introduced to celebrate Fendi’s biggest pop-up shop in Tokyo in November.

Harrods on Aug. 4 will celebrate the opening of its first Fendirumi pop-up shop on the ground floor with an appearance by the Fendirumi themselves, Piro-chan and Bug-kun. The Fendirumi will show up daily from noon to 7:20 p.m., at various intervals. There will be no Fendirumi during the 4 o’clock and 5 o’clock hours, nor will they appear on Tuesdays. The pop-up will remain in place through Aug. 30.

Visitors to the Harrods pop-up will enter the world of Fendirumi, a space that reflects the furry characters’ personalities. Hundreds of bell jars with rotating miniature Fendirumi will line the walls. Exclusive products will be merchandised, including an enormous pink Ape car, the traditional three-wheeled Italian vehicle. A specially created Fendirumi cartoon will be shown on a large LED screen — which will provide a backdrop for the mascots to take selfies with customers.

The two bag charms inspired by the Fendirumi are miniature versions of their full-size counterparts, re-created in mink and kidassia fur. The pink Piro-chan is inspired by the Qutweet charm with yellow crystal rounded eyes, while the bright blue Bug-Kun is inspired by the Bag Bugs charm with its yellow crest and double FF logo. The Bug-kun charm also features fox fur. These and a range of other products exclusive to Harrods, including croco-steel bags in vibrant shades, Mini Dotcom Click pieces and Strap You variations inspired by the Fendirumi, will be showcased in the pop-up.

 In addition, two new Bag Bugs, Har and Rods, will be available in limited quantities, along with exclusive ready-to-wear pieces, created specifically for the pop-up shop.

The fashion house has told consumers to keep a look out for the Fendirumi, who will be exploring London’s key sites of interest as VIP tourists the week before the pop-up at Harrods opens.