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Outdoor product company The North Face today announced its new “Bottle Source” collection, a line of T-shirts and tote bags made of cotton and recycled bottles gathered from waste streams in national parks. The company said that $1 from each Bottle Source product will be donated to the National Park Foundation to support various parks’ sustainability initiatives.

Its “circular model” collection is a first for national parks, according to the brand. Via its Bottle Source program, The North Face said it has gathered over 160,000 pounds of plastic bottles from waste streams in Yosemite, Grand Teton, and Great Smoky Mountains national parks. James Rogers, director of sustainability, The North Face, said, “Bottle Source is a fitting next step in our materials innovation. This collection helps our national parks develop programs to reduce waste and stay resilient as more and more people enjoy these stunning places.” And as part of its program, national parks can “tap into funding for sustainability projects, such as visitor education, bear-proof recycling bins,” the company confirmed. The North Face will donate $100,000 in grants to further support said initiatives.

S18 Bottle Source Collection - Stills

Photograph courtesy of The North Face.  Clayton Boyd

Rogers told WWD, “National parks are seeing record visitation — more than 330 million visitors in 2017. We love when people explore and enjoy our national parks, and want to help them visit responsibly. So we launched “Bottle Source,” he said. “Not only can people support the parks, [but] the collection advances our use of sustainable materials and creates a more circular economy by extending the life cycle of single-use plastic bottles.”

Rogers added, “We’re constantly innovating, both for performance and sustainability. In sustainability innovations, we’re excited to launch the Bottle Source Collection with shirts as well as a tote bag made with 100 percent Bottle Source recycled polyester. In fall 2018, we’ll extend the collection to include sweatshirts and long-sleeve and short-sleeve shirts.”

“In addition to increasing the use of recycled fabric throughout our products and materials, we’re also developing products with a lower carbon footprint. In that regard, our Cali Wool Beanie is made with Climate Beneficial Wool. We’re expanding that collection to include a scarf and a jacket in 2018. It’s part of our backyard project, where we collaborate with local supply chain partners here in the U.S. We developed the Cali Wool Beanie to challenge ourselves — to see if we could create and bring to market a product where the raw materials (wool, in this case) have a net negative carbon footprint, while maintaining our performance and design ideals.”

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