A look from Everyone Wins.

Alan Eckstein is embarking on his second chapter.

The former creative director of the Timo Weiland brand, Eckstein today is launching Everyone Wins, a new sustainable fashion label. But unlike other offerings in the market, the upcycled men’s and women’s pieces offered by Everyone Wins are reworked versions of vintage apparel that Eckstein has modernized by adding embellishments such as patches, pockets and studs. Each garment has been washed, repaired and redesigned to have a modern fit and feel.

The motto of the line is Nothing New, meaning the collection was created from all pre-existing materials, and Eckstein describes the concept as a way to “honor the classic fashion of the past while respecting the future — a cleaner future.” He added that clothing is “the second biggest pollutant in the world,” and “denim is the worst offender. We want to rebuild the relationship between our planet and fashion and have some fun while doing it.”

To create the upcycled business, Eckstein has teamed with industry veterans Vinay Gupta of Grailed, Chris Dennler of Rxmance, fashion stylist Haley Loewenthal and brand strategist Casey Freeman. The business is based in Brooklyn.

The initial collection includes a wide assortment of vintage jeans from Wrangler, Lee, Levi’s and Rustler. Outerwear options include hand-studded leather jackets, vintage patchwork denim jackets, and coach’s jackets updated with button and rib swaps. Shirts have been recreated by mixing and matching collars, sleeves and pockets, while T-shirts and sweatshirts are embroidered with word plays on the Everyone Wins name.

Prices range from $45 to $1,200.