1. Avery Dennison, Rochambeau “Janela” jacket: Brand Rochambeau presented its partnership with the solutions provider realized in a trend du jour bomber jacket. The piece features a smart tag that offers exclusive promotions — from special sales to complementary restaurant deals — when scanned, enabling owners to build their digital closet as they collect more smart products at discounted rates. averydennison.com

2. SoftBank Robotics, Pepper: Irresistibly adorable, Pepper alleviates store associates from menial tasks. From greeting customers, directing shoppers to a specific store site, to increasing foot traffic, Pepper bridges the gap for customer service. meetpepper.com

3. Intel, Responsive Retail Platform: The Responsive Retail Platform joins together islands of retail technology through its hardware and IoT, cloud-based services. The solutions suite provides multisensor products that feature RFID readers and antennae that work in dense retail environments. Inventory location can be seamlessly tracked and processed for scalable data. www-ssl.intel.com

4. WestRock, Connected Packaging: Partnering with Digimarc and EVRYTHING, WestRock unveiled packaging that’s upgraded with Digitmarc bar codes and integrated with EVRYTHING’s IoT platform to give each package a unique data profile held in the cloud. Counterfeit threats will be reduced and real-time analytics on the package’s digital path will enforce heightened consumer relationships through live in-store signage, personalized service access and specialized content. westrock.com

5. Claris, OnTask Platform: This platform serves as a workforce optimization tool. As physical store locations become extensions of distribution centers, store associate’s time has become increasingly divided between omnichannel order fulfillment and in-store customer engagement. Claris’ platform analyzes labor cost of associates participating in non-selling responsibilities and suggests staffing needs to improve revenue and consumer experiences. OnTask examines shopper traffic and highlights peak traffic times to ensure that associates are available to provide robust help and strategically dedicates time to non-selling requirements. claris-web.com

6. IBM, Connected Store platform: The newest suite offers a variety of services from queue management with the use of heat maps, inventory management informed by data collected by RFID tags, and trucking operations streamlined by real-time weather tracking. ibm.com

7. Adobe and Commercetools partnership: Commercetool’s commerce platform connects with Adobe Marketing Cloud to provide shopable content and facilitate transactions on any connected screen from interactive mirrors to social feeds to digital content. As in-store engagement only continues to rise, consumers now have a frictionless exploration and check-out service. adobe.com


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