Topshop fall 2016 campaign

LONDON — Topshop and Topman have inked a deal to expand across mainland China, with plans to open up to 80 stand-alone stores across the country.

The company confirmed that principal Sir Philip Green has signed a deal with online fashion retailer, an existing Topshop retail partner, to spearhead the expansion.

Shangpin is a members-only web site that offers registered users access to Western brands. It has been working with Topshop since 2014 to develop its online presence in China.

As part of the new agreement, the company aims to build on its existing online presence in China to offer a fully integrated shopping experience, combining online shopping with the brick-and-mortar experience.

Green added that the expansion in China will help establish the high-street retailer’s image as a global brand.

“For the first time, both brands will deliver fashion to the shop floor and beyond by opening full-scale stores in China — host to the world’s fastest-growing retail economy,” Green said. “The future of retail lies within offering an omnichannel shopping experience. Bringing together Topshop and Topman’s style authority and retail experience with Shangpin’s localized market and tech expertise promises a winning partnership.”

The high-street retailer has minimal physical presence in the country, with a shop-in-shop in Beijing’s Galeries Lafayette and two stores in Hong Kong launched in partnership with Shangpin its only outposts.

“Our customers are already Topshop and Topman fans — we have more than 30 million registered subscribers — and will welcome the chance to shop within stores across major first, second and third tier cities. This is the ultimate online/off-line liaison, using our online expertise to drive traffic and Topshop’s…ability to make the shopping experience fun and stimulating,” said Shangpin founder and chief executive officer David Zhao.

Topshop has also been expanding in the U.S. since 2009 and has grown to have 10 stand-alone stores across the country, as well as a series of concessions in Nordstrom stores.

The first store is slated to open next spring in Beijing or Shanghai.

Green also continues to work with Britain’s Pensions Regulator to fill the 350 million pounds, or $436 million, hole in the BHS pension fund. Green sold BHS for a nominal sum last year and then watched it collapse, with the loss of thousands of jobs. He was the subject of a parliamentary grilling over the summer during which he apologized for the affair.