WORKERS’ COMP: The United Food and Commercial Workers Union, a longtime Wal-Mart foe, said Thursday that a newspaper ad calling out the mass-market giant and other retailers with a “low-wage model” will appear in USA Today throughout the Labor Day weekend.

The open letter to “America’s hard-working families” criticizes what it contends are Wal-Mart’s erratic scheduling and low-paying full-time and part-time jobs that leave families struggling to make ends meet.

“Irresponsible corporations like Wal-Mart treat their employees and their families as if they were dispensable,” the ad claims.

The ad also criticizes trade deals that “ship jobs overseas while offering false promises of better jobs tomorrow” and takes aim at chief executive officers who earn “tens of millions, while workers struggle to pay their bills.”

“While the UFCW is committed to spending its members’ hard-earned union dues on political ads attacking a company that employs 1.3 million Americans, Wal-Mart will continue to focus on our commitment to spending $1 billion this year alone to not only raise wages, but also provide additional skills-based training and other opportunities to build great careers,” a Wal-Mart spokesman said. “And as part of our efforts to jump-start a renewal in American manufacturing, we’re investing billions of dollars to support American jobs.”

The UFCW said its message will reach 1.2 million people.

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