Uniqlo on Spring

An ice cream truck has been mobilized for South by Southwest beginning today, to drum up excitement for the launch of Uniqlo on shopping app Spring.

The retailer has joined the roughly 850 other brands that on the Spring platform as the app continues to grow. Spring is a marketplace for brands ranging from the new and emerging to mass and contemporary. It’s a bit of a digital department store of sorts looking to bring in a broad swath of customers with its brand mix and has been pegged the Instagram of shopping. The New York-based company’s business model has been enough to woo some $32.5 million in funding across two rounds, the most recent of which was a $25 million Series B closed about a year ago.

Uniqlo is a brand we’ve been talking to for a while,” said Spring chief brand officer April Uchitel. “They are really a Spring brand in terms of being both inspirational and accessible.”

The retailer fits into what Uchitel described as the “enterprise” brand category of larger more mass partners, of which she said the company is launching more of moving forward. Others in this space, also on the platform, include American Apparel and Urban Outfitters.

“We’ve built this with a variety of direct-to-consumer brands, along with vertical brands and then brands with no digital footprint so that allows us to provide a very unique mix, different from department stores,” Uchitel said.

And she sees no reason to cap the growing brand roster where it’s at now, adding there’s more potential to add lines that have a fit on Spring.

“We’re definitely growing that,” she said. “Being a technology platform, we also are able to deliver personalization to consumers based on who they’re shopping, who they’re following and so there’s a lot of opportunities there in terms of overall breadth of the products and brands we can have here. We haven’t set a [brand count] threshold.”