UsTrendy, a Boston-based online retailer that specializes in fashion for juniors and young women, has launched a philanthropic endeavor called “Believe in Yourself.” The program will provide free formal dresses to girls and young women who could not otherwise afford them, to wear to upcoming school dances and events.

In addition, UsTrendy plans to create a mentor program that will provide mentoring services and other support and bring in women speakers to talk to the girls. The program’s aim is to promote a positive body image and healthy self-esteem among young women at an early age, with the hope of empowering these girls to take on active social roles within their school communities and to feel good about themselves.

Donations have already started coming in. “When I donated a batch of dresses to the Boys and Girls Club of Cape Cod, it was a truly amazing experience to hear many of the girls say that they now have the confidence to attend their first school dance, now that they have a dress that they feel good about wearing,” Sam Sisakhti, chief executive officer. This coming week, Sisakhti plans to personally deliver more dresses to several Boys and Girls Clubs within the Boston area.

Sisakhti told WWD that he will be donating dresses nationally and plans to start the mentoring program sometime this summer.

UsTrendy facilitates a global platform for indie fashion designers and boutique sellers around the world. The site enables vendors to showcase their designs and products to thousands of customers around the globe.

Asked how he will decide which dresses to donate, Sisakhti said, “We have a lot of samples in our office that designers were sending to us for free and previously we would send to bloggers and influencers. But instead we decided to start using them for charity. We have been sending out more formal styles so they are good match for school dances.”