Yaya and Vittorio Coin

MILAN — Vittorio Coin, the former president of Italian retailer Coin, died on Saturday after a long illness. He was 77.

Coin, the grandson of Vittorio Coin, who founded the retail chain in 1916, took the helm of the family’s company, along with his brother Piergiorgio, in 1974. During his tenure, the executive expanded Coin by establishing diffusion retail chain OVS and acquiring La Standa supermarkets. In 1999, the Coin Group was listed on the Milan stock exchange.

While run by the founding family’s fourth generation, the Coin Group was in 2005 acquired by European private equity concern Pai Partners, which also bought Italian mass-market retail chain Upim in 2009. Two years later, British private equity company BC Partners took control of the Coin Group.

Vittorio Coin, who graduated from the University of Venice in 1960 with a degree in economics, also studied at Harvard University. He was honorary president of AIRC, the Italian association for cancer research.

Coin is survived by his wife, Yaya, and children, Francesca and Piero. His funeral services will take place at the Santo Stefano Church in Venice, Italy, on Tuesday.