Model on the catwalkChristian Dior show, Runway, Fall Winter 2018, Paris Fashion Week, France - 27 Feb 2018MODELLING SAME OUTFIT AS BELLA HADID

Say hello to men’s wear tailoring, oversize coats, animal prints, sequins and futuristic fashion — and goodbye to bare shoulders, pink, normcore, pastels and super-skinny silhouettes.

WWD surveyed retailers, influencers and stylists to see what the biggest trends are for fall, what’s completely over and what directions they spy in the seasons ahead.

Here’s what they had to say:

Maria Milano, general merchandise manager for women’s wear, Harrods:

HOTTEST FALL TRENDS: “Animal prints, including leopard, cheetah and zebra, often top-to-toe; the return of the Eighties characterized by power shoulders and minidresses; and winter boho with multi-colored cardigans, folk dresses, blanket coats and cowboy boots leading the way.”

WHAT’S COMPLETELY OVER: “Fit-and-flare dresses, as the silhouette is much more languid these days. Also wearing heels all day, every day. Flats in all their guises (loafers, slides, trainers) look cooler. Bomber jackets and biker jackets are feeling a little tired in the face of the oversize coats coming our way.”

WHAT DIRECTIONS DO YOU SPY IN COMING SEASONS?: “I’m superexcited for the next wave of coat styles to land — the teddies and blanket coats are beyond cozy. Along with the rest of the fashion industry, I’m really looking forward to seeing what Hedi Slimane and Riccardo Tisci will put forward at Céline and Burberry.”

Kelly Wong, director of fashion, Lane Crawford:

HOTTEST FALL TRENDS: “The ultimate must-have for this winter will be an investment tailoring coat. For the ultra-luxe version, opt for double-faced cashmere. Top trends will be checks. It extends to all categories, from tops, shirts all the way to thicker outerwear. Leopard. It’s a huge trend as well among a lot of designers. For us, we’ve picked up a touch, but it’s still important. It’s a great update to your iconic leopard print — styling and mixing it in a more casual cool way. Power tailoring: This trend is becoming stronger and stronger as designers want to empower their female customers. We bought quite heavily into the trend as jackets and pants are substantial categories for us and the female voice here is getting louder and stronger and we want to support her.”

A fall tailored suit from Tibi. 

WHAT’S COMPLETELY OVER: “Overly distressed denim — vintage clean raw denim is making a comeback. Off shoulder: Switch to peekaboo tops or drape shoulder tops that are equally flattering. Floor-sweeping maxi lengths — go for more knee lengths or mid-calf dresses and skirts right above the knee.”

WHAT DIRECTIONS DO YOU SPY IN COMING SEASONS?: “I foresee the streetwear trend will start to slow down as women request more elevated feminine styles, form-fitting pieces that are flattering to their body shapes. The oversize baggy sweat and tee will eventually be replaced. Maximalism will also start to shift, we may see customers choose essentials and tailoring over an all-over floral or logo-printed dress. Less is more. Fashion is also starting to give back. Sustainability is a hot topic and many brands are fighting for ways to be more environmentally friendly.”

Ken Downing, senior vice president, fashion director of Neiman Marcus:

HOTTEST FALL TRENDS: “The hottest trend is the absolute return to the Eighties and the empowerment of the power pantsuit returns in a very strong way. Another trend that we’re seeing for fall is sequins, sequins and more sequins, any time of the day or night. On a handbag or a shoe. And not only in silver and gold and metallic, but certainly in bright colors that harken to that Eighties era. Also animal prints. It’s been a few seasons since we’ve seen animal prints in such a strong way. It’s no longer an accent, but a head-to-toe proposition. A leopard dress with a leopard coat and a leopard bag. And a leopard suit, or mixing tiger, leopard and zebra with the entire wild kingdom in a single ensemble.”


Model on the catwalkChristian Dior show, Runway, Fall Winter 2018, Paris Fashion Week, France - 27 Feb 2018 MODELLING SAME OUTFIT AS BELLA HADID

A fall look from Dior.  WWD/REX/Shutterstock


WHAT’S COMPLETELY OVER: “Bye-bye boho. We are all about sleek and sleek and sleek. The enormity of the Eighties was on every runway. Think that Eighties excitement will move into spring. Goodbye cold shoulder. Cover those shoulders because if they’re not covered we’re not interested. It is thoroughly done. It’s having its last breath this summer and needs to go away.”

WHAT DIRECTIONS DO YOU SPY IN COMING SEASONS?: “With the advent of the return of the pantsuit, on its way is the skirt suit which is not far behind, which we’re seeing emerge in many of the resort collections. Designers are making a strong play to a new era of tailoring. We’ll see more skirt suits as we go into spring. We’ll see a super-tailored jacket and a little more elongated jacket as we remember from the Eighties, with a short skirt that peeks from below. Or it’s going to be a pencil skirt that has an impossibly high slit. With all the effusive ruffles and flounces and abundance of sloppiness, something that is a little more severe, a little strong and a little bit more architectural feels really, really good to my eye. I also like the idea of Art Deco, geometric prints and patterns.”

Roopal Patel, senior vice president, fashion director, Saks Fifth Avenue

HOTTEST FALL TRENDS: “We’re very excited about the whole lady boss trend and the return to power dressing. We saw the designers were sending out women in these power suits, and it felt almost as if they were empowering women with this new armor as they go into the workplace. Almost as a reaction to everything that was happening in the #MeToo movement. It’s been a while since we’ve seen the suit be fashionable and a trend. What’s exciting is there’s a whole new generation of women out there who have yet to embrace this idea of a jacket or a suit. I think they’re going to personalize it and give the jacket their own sense of personal style and their own signature. We’re also very excited about this high-shine, high-gloss moment whether it’s through patent or leather. We saw a real return. There’s so much black patent on the runway. I think of Trinity in ‘The Matrix.’ The whole ode to Wild Wild West, whether it was coming through long prairie skirts at Calvin Klein, or saddle bags at Loewe, or cowboy boots. We just saw a lot of references to this Western trend that felt really right for this particular time.”

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Loewe’s leather bag at Saks.  Richard Jensen

WHAT’S COMPLETELY OVER: “There was such a return to getting dressed for fall, and it was really about head-to-toe dressing. The trend for being bare is over. It is about getting dressed this season.”

WHAT DIRECTIONS DO YOU SPY IN COMING SEASONS?: “The idea of neon. There’s so much fluorescent and neon in the marketplace, whether it’s pink, whether it’s yellow, whether it’s orange or green. It’s very striking. Those giant pops of color are really feeling fresh and directional. The return to miniskirts is refreshing. There’s a whole retro, vintage feeling in the air, whether it’s the Sixties or the Seventies.”

Heather Shimokawa, vice president fashion direction of ready-to-wear, Bloomingdale’s:

HOTTEST FALL TRENDS: “Animal prints are just enormous for us. Leopard prints in outerwear, ready-to-wear, denim, across all categories and accessories. It also grew to include embossed croc and snakeskin for bags and shoes. We also went after the jacket or blazer as a key item. It’s a modern update or twist on men’s wear, particular that Prince of Wales check. We saw the play on the jacket itself as being a huge opportunity, in corduroy and velvet as well. Taking that power blazer as a separate and being a major driver for us for the season.  Also, there’s a huge opportunity for faux fur and shearling, the novelty component of it. There are a lot of down jackets in sporty plays. The update is the emergence of faux fur and shearling and rich color that was happening. It was much more vibrant, and rounded out our outerwear assortments in a nice way. In accessories, the Western boot is huge, the dad sneaker is huge and the belt bag is huge.”


A leopard look from Frame.  ELIZAVETA PORODINA

WHAT’S COMPLETELY OVER: “Pastels were so pervasive for us in the spring and overlapped a lot with all the florals and ruffles. I definitely think what we’re teasing for resort and coming into spring of next year, it will be a much more optimistic and energetic season. We’re seeing neons and touches of tie-dye.”

WHAT DIRECTIONS DO YOU SPY IN COMING SEASONS?: “Brighter punchier color overall. Pastels were so strong for us but will be a much more energetic color. We’re seeing the growth of wide-leg and soft flare denim. We see it already, and it’s continuing to grow and develop for the coming season.”

Jeffrey Kalinsky, vice president and designer fashion director at Nordstrom:

HOTTEST FALL TRENDS: “Logomania is still the biggest trend. The whole belt bag is going to be important at retail; sparkles and embellishment — there’s a lot of glitter in accessories — it seems that the whole idea of sparkles is a big trend, and animal prints. I still think we’re going to see a lot of that.”

Model on the catwalkGucci show, Runway, Fall Winter 2018, Milan Fashion Week, Italy - 21 Feb 2018

A fall Gucci look.  Davide Maestri/WWD/REX/Shutterstock

WHAT’S COMPLETELY OVER: “A trend that’s over is low-rise jeans.”

WHAT DIRECTIONS DO YOU SPY IN COMING SEASONS?: “On the horizon, the whole idea of layering is gaining steam. It’s been influenced by streetwear. There’s a new kind of layering as seen at Balenciaga. There’s so much layering and it really looks quite fabulous.”

Linda Fargo, senior vice president, women’s fashion director and store presentation at Bergdorf Goodman:

HOTTEST FALL TRENDS:For Bergdorf’s we’re behind anything noir — the most universal, timeless baseline of fashion. Both an entrance maker or cloak of invisibility, uptown and downtown, delicate or dangerous. Just right for the empowered vibe that’s in motion this year.  We’re also quite mad for plaids and men’s wear borrows. Bullish on the fabrics and suits worn untraditionally, cool and our way. Accessories are sporting the look, too. The Eighties wave back in with zebra and leopard prints, short and shorter lengths, big and bigger shoulders, mid-heels and technicolor brights. Must-haves this fall include puffers, kitten heels, high-waisted pants, razor shades, Western boots, boyfriend jackets and coats.”

Monse RTW Fall 2018

A plaid coat from Monse for fall..  Courtesy Photo

WHAT’S COMPLETELY OVER: “Pink is making its last stand…for now. Oversize-me is off our list for a while.”

WHAT DIRECTIONS DO YOU SPY IN COMING SEASONS?: “I would look in the coming seasons for more body-centric dressing, more femininity, less hidden, protective clothing and the rise of shorter lengths. Fully expect sport and the influence of the street to continue. Call it casualization, maybe.”

Marina Larroude, fashion director, Barneys New York:

HOTTEST FALL TRENDS: “Scarf dressing, from Céline, J.W. Anderson or Marine Serre. The Western trend is one that is picking up for fall. One can invest in a full look from Isabel Marant or Chloé, or have a touch of it with a Calvin Klein or R13 boot. For those who like to stand out in a crowd, neon pieces are the way to go this fall. From Prada’s Nineties-inspired collection, to Narciso Rodriguez, Balmain or Sies Marjan, this is not a season to go unnoticed.”

Calvin Klein 205W39NYC embellished-strap leather cowboy boot. 

WHAT’S COMPLETELY OVER: “It’s time to press pause on off-the-shoulder summer dresses.”

WHAT DIRECTIONS DO YOU SPY IN COMING SEASONS?: “The return of ballerina. There are lot of women looking for a more feminine shoe to walk around in, and they want another option aside from a sneaker. Currently, Louboutin has a couple of ballerina styles, and we saw during pre-spring market that Prada started with a ballerina program as well.”

Averyl Oates, managing director, 10 Corso Como, New York:

HOTTEST FALL TRENDS: “The customers are leading the trends now. The biggest trend, if there is one, is attitude, and creating your own style, and how you put yourself together. Because of this there are more ‘micro-trends’ happening simultaneously than ever before. With easy access to a diverse range of fashion, people are being incredibly creative and breaking traditional molds — mixing luxury with high street, vintage with streetwear, etc. Comfort is also so important — you can see it in the massive sneakerization of America, and the general dominance of streetwear in the retail space from affordable fashion right up to, and perhaps even most prominently, the luxury sphere. Headlines pronouncing streetwear as the new luxury are never-ending. It’s pretty commonplace to see hoodie/sneaker attire in fancy restaurants now.”

WHAT’S COMPLETELY OVER: “What’s definitely gone is opulence and ultra-luxe. We are seeing a democratization of the fashion space, which is great! Fashion is becoming more inclusive and diverse, and far less ‘uptight’. Rule books are being thrown out the window both in relation to actual design, but also in relation to the context in which clothing and accessories are presented and the ways in which they can be accessed. This speaks to the broader state of retail, which is now all about the experiential.”

WHAT DIRECTIONS DO YOU SPY IN COMING SEASONS?: “If there’s a move to more formalized streetwear, like we saw on the runway at Louis Vuitton men’s for spring, that’s good for business. There’s a lot of very young styling out there at the moment that is alienating people who still prefer a certain level of refinement and it would be great to see the evolution and sophistication of streetwear continue.”

Stella McCartney Spring 2019

A look from Stella McCartney Spring 2019.  Courtesy Photo

Coco Chan, head of women’s rtw and accessories at

HOTTEST FALL TRENDS: “Protection — fall outerwear will take on new levels of volume, with utility elements that communicate a sense of cocooning and protection from external elements, be that weather or something more subversive. Full coverage — when it comes to dresses, we are backing lean, long-sleeve, ankle-length styles. Still portraying a very sensual side due to their body-skimming silhouette, but skin is out for many designers. Tartan and plaids — tartan will be huge, from chic outerwear options at Khaite through to Versace’s Nineties ‘Clueless’ and sporty collegiate styles.”

WHAT’S COMPLETELY OVER: “I think super-pared-back minimalism is somewhat over for fall. Even the most clean and classic-leaning brands are playing more with volume and conceptual embellishments. There’s definitely a more-is-more theme running through most collections, to wildly varying degrees.”

WHAT DIRECTIONS DO YOU SPY IN COMING SEASONS?: “I think the revising of old collections and archive prints is something that has led to great commercial success for several brands — Prada, Versace and Fendi for starters. It feels like this is more than a passing trend and that we are going to be seeing more and more of this as brands continue to lean on nostalgia to entice younger customers. So far the results have been very engaging, leading to increased sales for most. I would be surprised if we don’t see Riccardo Tisci take this approach at Burberry, as we saw a hint of recently.”

Laura Larbalestier, group buying director, Harvey Nichols:

HOTTEST FALL TRENDS: “I was really pleased to see the return of the heritage trend. We saw classic prints in oversized silhouettes as well as traditional tweeds and tartans. Monse and Brogger were the two stand-out brands for me that really mastered this trend. Power dressing was another huge trend this season — great suits, big shoulders and statement dresses. Autumn-winter is all about being ultraluxe, in work and play. Magda Butrym was a key player for me as well as new brand Saks Potts — with both brands giving us the perfect dresses. For accessories, it was most definitely the belt bag that dominated. Most brands had their own version of the accessory — from Calvin Klein to Gucci and we’re really excited to be stocking the Fendi x Fila collaboration which is due to drop imminently.”

WHAT’S COMPLETELY OVER: “For the last couple of seasons, we’ve seen less of the floral print trend and as we have seen more neutral tones and whites. We saw less bold colors that were so prominent on the catwalks the previous season.”

A dress from Magda Butrym.

A dress from Magda Butrym.  Courtesy Photo

Beth Buccini, cofounder and chief executive officer of Kirna Zabête in New York:

HOTTEST FALL TRENDS: “The three top trends are the Savile Row influence, including plaid, houndstooth and herringbone, and great outerwear from Dior, Stella McCartney, Gucci and Monse; Eighties party dressing, with Magda Butrym’s exaggerated silhouettes such as micro-cut miniskirts, and Balenciaga’s violet velvet micro dress, and shearling, as seen at Proenza Schouler, Loewe and Saint Laurent.”

Balenciaga RTW Fall 2018

Balenciaga RTW Fall 2018 purple velvet minidress.  Giovanni Giannoni/WWD

WHAT’S COMPLETELY OVER: “Tiny sunglasses and PVC.”

WHAT DIRECTIONS DO YOU SPY IN COMING SEASONS?: “On the horizon for spring: more iridescent foil and plastics, Western-inspired looks, and pastels.”

Kristen Cole, president and chief creative officer, Forty Five Ten:

HOTTEST FALL TRENDS: “Power Eighties and the strong shoulder and Eighties extravagance from Saint Laurent; exaggerated proportions from Comme des Garçons, Maison Margiela, Balenciaga, Craig Green and Moncler; neon, puffers and oversize parkas and workwear, by Calvin Klein 205W39NYC; and florals from Brock, Adam Lippes and Erdem, as well as Sixties Mod as seen at Prada, Miu Miu, Marni and Rochas.”

Erdem RTW Fall 2018

A floral look from Erdem for fall.  Giovanni Giannoni/WWD

WHAT DIRECTIONS DO YOU SPY IN COMING SEASONS?: “Coming down the pike: the trend toward practical dressing, which could also be called timeless or real everyday with Lemaire, The Row, Partow and Céline. This trend is very exciting and I think it’s going to stick.

Karen Meena, vice president buying and merchandising, Ron Robinson Inc., Los Angeles:

HOTTEST FALL TRENDS: “Cozy knitwear in oversize shapes and soft, comfy fabrics that feel soothing in today’s harsh political climate.”

WHAT’S COMPLETELY OVER: “Americana styling.”

WHAT DIRECTIONS DO YOU SPY IN COMING SEASONS?: “A trend for genderless fashion, styles that men and women can both wear. Men are shopping in our women’s department and women look for new finds among our men’s designers. Streetwear influences continue in fabrications, design details and graphics. Among the brands exemplifying the genderless trend are Cotton Citizen. Though they design men’s and women’s collections, we have men shopping for women’s hooded pullovers and women shopping for men’s T-shirts, hoodies and crews. Also, women are buying their men’s denim jackets for a boyfriend fit. Norma Kamali: Men are liking her jumpsuits, kimonos, trenchcoats and oversize sleeping-bag coats. And MadeWorn: Totally genderless vintage-inspired rock T-shirts and custom jackets.”

Norma Kamali RTW Fall 2018

A fall look from Norma Kamali.  Courtesy Photo

Zadrian Smith, stylist, founder and editor in chief of Petrie:

HOTTEST TRENDS FOR FALL: “Celebrities, specifically musicians, have always been innovators of fashion and whom we look to for personal interpretation of trends from the runway, that immediately become usurped by the masses. Perfect example, the opening scene of Beyonce and Jay-Z’s ‘Apes**t’ video depicts both Bey and Jay styled in men’s suiting. Although the pastel pink of Bey’s suit is a traditional feminine colorway, the message is clear: the female is all powerful and equal to her male counterpart. Designers like Alexander McQueen, Altuzarra, Chanel and Haider Ackermann also celebrated this masculine silhouette on the female body. So, the trend here is not androgyny, because this would infer that there is a blurring of gender, which is not the case — the female body does not lose its femininity and is still depicted as strong, powerful and sexy — through the prism of a male silhouette.”

An androgynous look from Gucci’s cruise show. 

WHAT’S COMPLETELY OVER: “I would say that an oversexualized female silhouette is definitely starting to transition into redefining what is ‘sexy,’ without showing so much skin or too much curve. The Jacquemus, Louis Vuitton, Loewe and Balenciaga woman is now a woman who knows that her sexiness is innately a part of her womanhood, and not an emblem she needs to reveal too much of, or wear/display overtly. Of course, if she wants to she can, but she’s in control — she defines her sexy.”

WHAT DIRECTIONS DO YOU SPY FOR COMING SEASONS?: “The voice of the consumer has never been so vital to the development of design. Social media has completely shifted the hierarchy of power. Seasoned designers, fashion editors and stylists, who used to set the trends now find themselves listening to and being led by the voices of a new generation who are more connected to the masses, thus acting as vessel for the underbelly of society who were previously marginalized by the elite. There will be less of a filter to water down or appropriate the originators of concepts as they will have a direct platform to distribute this to a global audience. This means the final product may not be as refined and perfect as we are used to, but I do believe that it is this idea of imperfection that is being championed by a new wave of creatives that will lead us into the next phase of fashionable trends.”

Inès de la Fressange, designer, Roger Vivier brand ambassador:

HOTTEST FALL TRENDS: “Oversize clothes, corduroy and short hair.”

Model on the catwalkMarine Serre show, Runway, Fall Winter 2018, Paris Fashion Week, France - 27 Feb 2018

A Marine Serre fall look made with upcycled silk scarves.  WWD/REX/Shutterstock

WHAT’S COMPLETELY OVER: “Towering heels (except for platforms,) handbags with lots of hardware, and clingy, so-called ‘sexy’ clothes.”

WHAT DIRECTIONS DO YOU SPY IN COMING SEASONS?: “Sustainable’ fabrics, craftsmanship, the battle against consumerism, and seasonless clothes.”

Ash Petrie, merchandising director for women’s at Fred Segal:

HOTTEST FALL TRENDS: “Western wear that merges cowgirl with minimalism, excessive layers that play with volume and texture, bold animal prints worn head to toe, sci-fi metallics, poetic glam such as whimsical dresses and fringe, outdoor-ready trekking gear, super-size coats, unexpected proportions such as exaggerated sleeves, pleats on pleats, Eighties-inspired leatherwear — the power trench, modest dresses with long sleeves and hems, logo mania.”

Simon Miller RTW Fall 2018

A fall look from Simon Miller.  Courtesy of Greg Kessler/Kessler Studios

WHAT’S COMPLETELY OVER: “Off-the-shoulder necklines are dying a slow death, dresses over trousers as a layering statement, cropped flare-hem lengths, denim on denim as a look, corsets over anything are finally fading and sock shoes might have lived the quickest moment of 2017.”

WHAT DIRECTIONS DO YOU SPY IN COMING SEASONS?: “Neon and pastels will take full reign, and we will see modest silhouettes evolve into a depiction of the Fifties/Sixties housewife meets the modern revolution — midi lengths, crop tops, updated plaids and checks, oversized mixed with fitted silhouettes and kitschy accessories.”

Arielle Charnas, founder and creative director of Something Navy:

HOTTEST TRENDS FOR FALL: “Herringbone, plaids, and quilted patchwork, bold shoulders, Eighties vibes, and floral everything and mixed prints.”

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Arielle Charnas in Something Navy brand top,  earrings and belt, Jimmy Choo sunglasses and The Great jeans. 

WHAT’S COMPLETELY OVER: “Bomber jackets, platforms/flatforms and cold-shoulder tops.”

WHAT DIRECTIONS DO YOU SPY IN COMING SEASONS?: “Heavily men’s wear-inspired — everything from refined tailoring, bold power suits and prints like hound’s tooth and plaid.”

Caroline Maguire, fashion director, Shopbop:

HOTTEST FALL TRENDS: “The first is all about these colored faux-fur toppers. The season is all about bright colors. The Eighties are coming back in a big way. We’re so thrilled about the statement outerwear. Maxi length to midi length to short. What’s new about them is the vibrant, electric colors and the prints they’re coming in. Teal, magenta, emerald, ultra violet, electric shocking colors. Brands such as Marc Jacobs, Tibi, Alice + Olivia, Brandon Maxwell and Saks Potts.

We’re mad for plaid — specifically, the tartan print. It’s such a vintage. It comes in red and Black Watch. We love these vintage ideas being brought to life in really cool, updated silhouettes.

What’s new about denim for the fall season is all about gray and black washes. It’s the return of the darker denim wash. What’s new about this is new silhouettes, such as a tuxedo stripe on side, an exposed zipper, a flap-over.

We are obsessing over colored printed animal for fall.”

A leopard print look from Kenzo for fall.

A leopard print look from Kenzo for fall.  Courtesy Photo


WHAT’S COMPLETELY OVER: “I don’t think any specific trend is out for fall — we still love our classic coats and our blue denim — but what we’re really excited about for the season is this newness that we’re seeing across all categories and brands in these wild and fun textures.”

WHAT DIRECTIONS DO YOU SPY IN COMING SEASONS?: “For resort, it’s really all about that destination, tropicana print is there in a big way. The colors are so right on with teal, papaya, a brighter fuchsia magenta, and pop of turquoise. It’s really fitting for that time period of January and you’re ready to go on a vacation. I do think it’s still about that princess blouse, which comes in a more exaggerated shapes with shoulder detail. I think for spring, for denim, there’s so much color to come which is truly exciting. We’re just coming off dark, gray story for fall. We’re going to be excited for saturated reds coming into play and pink coming into play. We’re seeing more of an updated utilitarian twist. We’re seeing a lot of cargoes and khakis come back into play. Not your tried and true, five-pocket khaki. It’s a drop-crotch waist, a carrot shape, khaki skirts are asymmetrical. It’s a more exciting way to wear a cargo or khaki that we’re used to. For shoes, we’ve seen so much of the flat bottom. We’re seeing a demi-wedge, it’s the perfect heel height for everyone. You can dress it up or dress it down.”

Julia Engel, influencer and blogger, founder of Gal Meets Glam:

HOTTEST FALL TRENDS: “When I’m noticing something, it’s usually really classic that’s catching my eye and reoccurring and being brought back in a new way. I’m really happy to see a lot of men’s wear, textures and prints coming back, herringbones, tweeds, hound’s tooth, plaids, and being brought back in a more feminine way. We’re seeing a lot of capes. Reaching for a cape instead of a coat. And a touch of romance, romantic details on layering, knitwear over really beautiful, flowy dress, ruching and ruffled collars.”

Julia Engel in a “Gal Meets Glam” dress. 

WHAT’S COMPLETELY OVER: “I wouldn’t say it’s completely over, but you do see a lot of the athleisure look not as prevalent. Everything looks a little more put together, which I appreciate. I don’t lean toward the ath-leisure look.”

WHAT DIRECTIONS DO YOU SPY IN COMING SEASONS?: “I think things will continue to get more feminine and refined, I hope. That’s the direction I’m heading in when I’m designing.”

Camila Coelho, Boston-based influencer:

HOTTEST FALL TRENDS: “I would say the three biggest ones I like are the futuristic look, which is transparent plastic and iridescent holograms on clothes and accessories. I’m very into the accessories already such as the transparent and plastic on the shoes and belts. The Eighties puffy shoulders and small silhouettes on leather jackets. Something I love is the white look, the elongated white looks, white suits, white dresses. I think it will be super strong. I love wearing off white and white throughout the whole year.”

A look from Dior. 

WHAT’S COMPLETELY OVER: “Millennial pink for sure. I wore it a lot. I’m more into the lilac. Also, the fanny pack. I’m kind of over it.”

WHAT DIRECTIONS DO YOU SPY IN COMING SEASONS?: “I see sporty trends being really strong. We have the dad’s ugly sneakers. We have the biker shorts coming back. I love the sporty vibe.”

Chriselle Lim, digital entrepreneur and cofounder of Cinc Studios:

HOTTEST FALL TRENDS: “Anything Eighties. I definitely saw that trend during the rtw shows. Miu Miu did this collection that was completely Eighties-inspired. Lots of color, lots of shoulder pads. Lots of plaid, mix and match. It was funky. I also saw a lot of plastics, the plastic clear bags, definitely transferring over to clothes as well. Even like cool plastic trench coats that are transparent. Animal prints are really coming back this season in head-to-toe looks. Lots of florals for fall/winter. I think people are realizing that florals aren’t just for spring-summer and they’re making them more dark and romantic.”

Model on the catwalkMiu Miu show, Runway, Fall Winter 2018, Paris Fashion Week, France - 06 Mar 2018

A fall look from Miu Miu.  WWD/REX/Shutterstock

WHAT’S COMPLETELY OVER: “We’ve gone through the streetwear, sporty look. There’s always going to be room for sportswear, but wearing athleisure clothes out and about won’t be as apparent. People are becoming more polished and put together.”

WHAT DIRECTIONS ARE YOU SPYING IN COMING SEASONS?: “For a while, the whole culture was off-duty, but going forward, the look is more put together.”

Nicole Chapoteau, stylist

HOTTEST FALL TRENDS: “Extreme coats, the bigger the better in all silhouettes and fabrications. Like Pyer Moss, Marc Jacobs and Balenciaga.”

Model on the catwalkMarc Jacobs show, Runway, Fall Winter 2018, New York Fashion Week, USA - 14 Feb 2018

Marc Jacobs’ fall coat  WWD/REX/Shutterstock


WHAT DIRECTIONS DO YOU SPY IN COMING SEASONS?: “I think we will see more nostalgia and logo mania. With the relaunch of the Prada flame collection, Dior Saddle bag and Dapper Dan for Gucci collection, consumers are snapping it up and longing for more. I also think there will be a return to dressing up for day. Valentino, Oscar de la Renta and Miu Miu all showed collections on different levels of being dressed up for day as opposed to the more simpler almost uniform-like collections we have been seeing.”

Francesco Galli, owner Folli Follie store:

HOTTEST FALL TRENDS: “Logomania, checks and velvet.”


Versace is a top seller at Folli Follie  Davide_Maestri

WHAT’S COMPLETELY OVER: “Super-skinny silhouettes.”

WHAT DIRECTIONS DO YOU SPY IN COMING SEASONS?: “I think that in the coming years, men’s and women’s fashion will be focused on more regular fits and streetwear will lose its central role.”

Laura Poretti, Milaura store owner and trendsetter in Milan

HOTTEST FALL TRENDS: “Even if there will be always women who love sexy, skin-tight silhouettes, I think that more comfortable and geometric shapes look more modern and appealing. Another relevant trend of the season is the sophisticated combination of fabrics which are matched with faux fur and shearling details. In addition, all-over sequined total looks are a must-have of the season.”


A Milaura look that’s selling well at namesake store. 


WHAT’S COMPLETELY OVER: “I think the idea of basics is totally over: we welcome simple, timeless pieces which are still polished and refined. I think the super-skinny look is dead and it’s time to consider more roomy and sophisticated shapes. I also believe that this winter we won’t see low waists: high-waisted skirts and pants with elongated silhouettes will steal the spotlight.”

WHAT DIRECTIONS DO YOU SPY IN COMING SEASONS?: “I think that we are living a weird moment in fashion. On one side, there are spectacular runway shows, which are fantastic but filled with clothes that women will never wear. On the other side, we have a huge amount of flagships, which are impeccable but unable to generate emotions in the customers. At the same time, the major physical and online multi-brand stores, being focused on fitting the requests of the gray market, have the same assortments, which make them look so similar. I think that fashion will have to reconsider the role of customers, putting them at the center. Women want to find their own style and cultivate it. Brands and stores should be at their disposal with captivating and unique product offerings.”

Kevin Poon cofounder, of Clot, Hong Kong’s streetwear brand and Juice, an international retailer with outlets across Asia:

FALL’S HOTTEST TRENDS: “Army meets functional; lots of pockets.”

WHAT’S COMPLETELY OVER: “I think over are the days of fashion being exclusive. I think the new outlook is a more inclusive world.”

WHAT DIRECTIONS DO YOU SPY IN COMING SEASONS?: “I don’t really believe in trends to start with because I think everyone should be comfortable creating and wearing whatever represents themselves, but knowing that fashion is also cyclical, I think guys have started to realize they have lots of things to carry, so there is a new category of items; I think wearable accessories like vests, and harnesses are popular. For girls, I think Eighties is a vibe and technical jackets are also on fire.”

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