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LONDON — Wallpaper Handmade has taken over 12 of Harrods’ windows to display over 80 unique pieces in a “best of” collection from the magazine’s contemporary design and craft initiative, which was first launched in 2010.

The Handmade initiative sees Wallpaper collaborate with designers, artists, makers and manufacturers to create one-off pieces that are shown annually at Milan’s Salone del Mobile and within the pages of the magazine.

“We team the designers up with the manufacturers,” explained Wallpaper editor-in-chief Tony Chambers. “The premise of the project has always been creativity. The crazier the idea the better, it pushes people outside of their comfort zones. The project is like a workshop, a laboratory of ideas, to push concepts and ideas and creative talents to produce something completely fresh outside the normal. I love that juxtaposition of the two different mindsets, very different people working together to produce something unique and beautiful.”

Among the creations in the windows is a jewelry case by Harry Winston and Stephen Burks, a cape suit by Brioni and Konstantin Grcic, men’s shoes by John Lobb and E. Tautz, a set of hand tools by Chauhan Studio and Fliskars and a tent by Louis Vuitton, Industrial Facility, Sam Hecht and Kim Colin.

In addition to the Handmade items, five new pieces inspired by and created in collaboration with Jaguar are on display, including a marble table designed by Jaguar Advanced Design and produced by Salvatori, a lighting system by Moritz Waldemeyer and a picnic basket designed by Neri & Hu.

While the Wallpaper Handmade pieces were created without commerce in mind, this will be the first time they have been available for purchase. “We all have so much pressure these days to reach targets that sometimes it’s such a refreshing break to do something that is for no other reason than to make something remarkable. Introducing commerce at that early stage it makes it more complicated,” said Chambers.

Harrods will put customers interested in a purchase in touch with the designers to agree a price and finalize the sale. “Harrods is the kind of place where money is no object to some of their customers, if they want it it’s kind of, “Well, how much?” They have everything so to see something that is a one-off is the Holy Grail to that level of consumer,” explained Chambers.

The Wallpaper Handmade with Jaguar windows will be on display until October 22.

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