Ann and Erik Tran have launched an e-commerce site that has the low-price benefit of warehouse membership clubs, but without the membership fees. The site, called Waybuy, features “household essentials,” home goods, office supplies and health and beauty products.

The Trans, who are Houston-area-based Millennials, have a mission statement for the site that centers on the demands of today’s time-strapped consumer. “We make life easy by giving you great products at a better cost with fast and free shipping,” the statement noted. “We’re not about selling products. We’re about giving our customers the essential items they need with the convenience and affordability they deserve.”

The couple said in a statement that the Waybuy site “is leading the charge toward returning the focus to consumers’ needs and wants, offering a constantly expanding array of products available for same-day and next-day shipping.”

Ann Tran said the site was founded based on the “issues we had as a married couple with finding retail goods at fair prices but without having to pay hundreds of dollars in membership fees to have access to things our family needs from day-to-day.”

Amazon Prime costs $119 a year. Costco charges an annual fee of $69. Sam’s Club is offering a special sign on membership deal for $45. BJ Wholesale Club has a $110 annual fee, but includes a “cash back” on purchases program.

“All these different retail membership fees started to add up for our family,” Ann Tran explained. “Also, waiting on deliveries for basic items from groceries to household items seemed unnecessary when coming from our local area. These issues triggered us wanting to make a difference.”

The company said the selection of products offered is based on better meeting the demands of today’s consumer. “By putting considerable time and effort into product and consumer research, the company has successfully built a product lineup that encompasses nearly every consumer need one could imagine,” the company said in a statement. “Whether a shopper is searching for a last-minute birthday gift, pantry basics, or baby products like diapers and wipes, Waybuy has put it all within easy reach.”

In personal care and beauty, the brands featured include Cover Girl, L’Oréal, Biotene, Aveeno, Johnson & Johnson, Advanced Clinicals, Chapstick, Dove and Gillette, among others. The company also said customer service a priority. Erik Tran said consumers want “two problems solved: cost of goods into shipping times and customer service from the company they are buying from. At Waybuy, we solve both by adding new products every day and working diligently to make our customers satisfied with quality products at low prices while maintaining delivery consistently fast.”

Waybuy is a minority-owned business, the company said adding that while “many of today’s mega-retailers are led by massive corporate teams and shareholders, Waybuy is a family-founded company dedicated to proving that unparalleled customer service, low prices, and impressive convenience can go hand in hand.”