Pete Wentz is about to fall into Nordstrom.

Wentz, best known as the bassist in the multiplatinum band Fall Out Boy, will launch an exclusive junior sportswear line with Nordstrom in April. The collection, which will include graphic T-shirts, hoodies, denim jeans and accessories, will carry the Clandestine Industries label. The products will be made exclusively for the specialty retailer and will be sold in 600 Nordstrom doors beginning next month. Nordstrom has signed an exclusive agreement with Wentz, with spring deliveries in April and summer deliveries in June.

“Not only is Pete a wildly popular rock star, but he has a genuine interest in fashion and a real interest in being involved with his line, which is hugely important,” Pete Nordstrom, executive vice president and president of merchandising for Nordstrom Inc., told WWD in an exclusive interview. “We just provided the platform for him to be able to do what he already does well. He’s great to work with, he’s enthusiastic and a good listener. Any time the personality is so involved, it can only be a good thing for the brand.”

Last fall, Wentz teamed with DKNY Jeans for a limited edition Clandestine Industries for DKNY Jeans line, which was sold nationwide at retailers such as Macy’s. Since that deal ended, the four-year-old Clandestine Industries brand has been sold online and in the rocker’s hometown Chicago boutique.

“After the deal with DKNY Jeans, which, I have to say, was awesome for me, the best partnership I’ve been in so far — there were a couple of places which were expressing interest in working with us,” Wentz said. “I really liked Nordstrom because of their openness. They were really open to allowing me to do what I wanted to do and they wanted the brand to speak for itself. They let Clandestine be Clandestine, which is nice.”

The collection, which will be produced by the retailer’s private label sector, Nordstrom Product Group, for the store’s BP area, will retail between $28 for a T-shirt and $68 for a hoodie. Wentz said he still wears jeans from his partnered DKNY Jeans line, and will surely wear the Nordstrom line also.

“Technically they will be hanging in the young women’s area, but personally I make these clothes as if they are unisex,” Wentz said. “I mean, some of the clothes are clearly just for girls, you won’t see me wearing a dress or anything, but I do like to wear a slimmer jean.”

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To help promote the new line in stores, Nordstrom will begin selling a limited edition CD-DVD titled “Making Mischief” on April 9. The set will retail for $9.95, or $4.95 with a Clandestine Industries purchase, and will feature behind-the-scenes video footage of the design collaboration along with 10 unreleased tracks from Wentz.